Well as my old dad used to say “gu ta the foot of our stairs” i got the sack,Honest they fired me for something i dint do,Both me n Brian (The union rep) were gobsmacked to hear the decision that my employment has been terminated! Now i have to set in motion the unfair dismissal procedure though i don’t think it will get my job back!! Over 10 years of doing the job and i get the sack for something i dint do kind of sticks in my throat!

I have applied for a couple of jobs today but i can’t see an employer taking someone on who has been fired from his last job! Then of course i have had to register with the unemployment people so today i am feeling well pissed off about the whole thing,mind you i shall fight as far as i can to get justice and i reckon i have a good case.

It was good to have a few mates from the factory ring me and tell me that they too were shocked to hear that i had lost my job for something i did not do,mind you their faith in the boss has gone to zero because of it.

Ahh well i reckon i have had enough of feeling sorry for my self and i should get on with things,funny that a few days ago i was saying to the deputy manager that employers can’t kill ya and they can’t make ya pregnant,they can sack ya though if they feel like it!

Take care out there folks and i hope your having a better day than i am.

Hey buddy can you spare a dime?


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31 Responses to “Gutted!”

  1. cappy Says:

    you must have been posting this whilst i was commenting below, so i won’t repeat myself. sorry, can’t say owt that i haven’t already.
    people out here care. thats all.

  2. cappy Says:

    oh there was one more thing….



  3. barnze Says:

    Cheers mate..I am lost for words i can tell ya.

  4. John A Thomson Says:

    My worst fears are realised – sorry mate.

    Get yourself advice from ACAS and CAB then go see a lawyer.

    I know someone who also does employment mediation that can provide useful information if you need some advice. Just ping me an email if you’d like me to ask him to help you out.

    … and oh! …

    … “You bastards!”

  5. barnze Says:

    Cheers John,My rep is kicking off the unfair dismissal case at the moment,I feel like i have been offered up as a sacrificial lamb! Bastards indeed!

  6. Mal the Plod Says:

    I’m so sorry mate. Take the Fucker to the cleaners! I got £15000 thanks the Scottish twat, although we all know he managed to pass the blame to some poor cunt that had nothing to do with it!
    Once you’ve hung him out to dry we’ll get pissed on your compo!
    Any help you need just shout me. (I have all my acas paperwork naming the tosspot if your rep needs them for a character reference for him!)
    Good Luck!

  7. barnze Says:

    Cheers Mal,looks like leopards don’t change their spots eh? Stitched up like a fucking kipper mate! How long did your case take?

    There are a few more in the firing line ready for a stitch up i can tell ya,Well pissed off!

  8. Mal the Plod Says:

    Got laid off November and they paid up in April. Had a good solicitor though

  9. AuntJackie Says:

    Barnze, i’ve been there, been through it, and came out even better for it! I too have been unjustly canned a couple of times… changed career paths, moved to something I actually enjoyed doing.

    Consequently, every person who ever let me go unjustly was fired within a few months themselves…

    Just something to think about… Hang tough!!

  10. fucked off Says:

    nothing i can say that hasent already been said. what a cunt, the shop floor will be a worse place with out u you

  11. barnze Says:

    Cheers for that you anonymous work colleague,i reckon you should all be watching your backs! I shall miss the banter.
    Just got my unemployed status confirmed with the job center so now i am officially an idle bastard!

    Abso fucking lootly well pissed off!

    Mind you i left with dignity though i did want to kick off,Professional to the bitter end!

  12. Chris Says:

    That’s shite mate. Nothing I can say means a toss really, but I agree with AuntJackie, it can and will lead to better things.

    Life’s too short to waste on a crap employer. Good luck to you.

  13. barnze Says:

    Lets hope all goes well eh?
    Life is too short!

  14. Four Dinners Says:

    I know it doesn’t help much at the moment but there’s every likelyhood you’ll win.

    Not knowing what it is makes it guesswork though. By suspending you they’ve accused you of something that is classed as gross misconduct.

    As the outcome has been dismissal they had better have got ALL of their procedures right or they’re stuffed right at the start.

    Assuming they have followed the correct procedures they then have to have sufficient grounds for believing it was you – that’s the tricky bit. They don’t necessarily have to be able to prove it was, just that they have sufficient grounds.

    That means their investigation has to have been thorough enough to give them sufficient grounds. That’s were most employers fall down.

    Anyroad, as your rep’s moved quick to set things in motion it sounds like he’s got his head screwed on. Hang in there mate. Thinkin’ of yer.

  15. barnze Says:

    Cheers 4D,I reckon i have a good chance of winning but it don’t get me my job back! And i am sick to death of the job center web site already….

  16. AuntJackie Says:

    😦 I got skipped over…

  17. The Lathe Says:

    Chin up mate, best of luck with your case,take it to the max !

  18. Bob Says:

    Good luck mate give em hell!

  19. The Lathe Says:

    my mistake try this mail address

  20. Pinksy Says:

    Ah shit sorry mate. Twats.

  21. barnze Says:

    @ AJ..A new day and a new job hunt…Maybe i can become a clown,,,Make um laugh,make um laugh!

    @ Bob..Cheers mate,there’s always the cabs eh?

    @ The Lathe..Careful out there it’s a jungle,Off to the job center today, cue music….. A whole new world….

    @ Pinksy..I hear there are openings on the drugs market nowadays!

  22. simitchell Says:

    hey dude sorry to hear about your loss of job

    fucking wankers

    hope it gets sorted


  23. barnze Says:

    Cheers Simon,its good to get some support,shit times!

  24. AuntJackie Says:

    B I have every confidence it will work out fine… now an evil clown?? That’s the way to get back at em… now it can be your turn to scare the shite out of everyone… waltz into the former Co and give em a heart attack.

    Cheers anyway, it’ll all work out soon!

  25. cind Says:

    Well that’s just wank that is!
    You go for the ET ‘n’ fuckin’ stuff ’em.

  26. Haddock Says:

    Hope something gets sorted for you!

  27. barnze Says:

    Nice one Haddock,My appeal is this week so stay tuned for updates.

  28. erikisbananaman Says:

    Well mate I am gutted, heard last week, may be if you had come over to the dark side this would not have happened (but if we had Hindsight we wouldn’t be working we’d all be fuck’in Gizillionaires wouldn”t we. Good to see you are appealing I think in my honest oppinion you were hard done by. Don’t lose touch


  29. barnze Says:

    Cheers Eric..Been a long time since i caught up with you!! The appael is going through this week, Maybe justice will be done and my integrity is restored.

  30. barnze Says:

    I hear theres a chance of getting my job back when i win the case..

  31. barnze Says:

    Justice will be done!

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