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I hate alarm clocks..

March 31, 2007

Half way there for this stint of shifts and i must say i am well looking

forward to a few beers and a lie in.
Nice thing is there is a lot of wildlife around the factory so nipping out for a fag n a brew with the squrrels nipping about is brill,Mind you the pigeon that shit down the back of my neck this morning pissed me right off though my team mates thought it was funny,carry deseases them fucking things do,not my mates,the pigeons!

Anyroad i just had brecky and a fag so back to the shop floor for me.
Have a good one.

Hey Keith…..

March 28, 2007

Next time i speak to you i hope its through a medium!


March 28, 2007


Feeling a lot better today i can tell ya,the last couple of days we have been drained,Mrs B back at the office now and i am back at the factory in the morning so all is good in the hood,I just received my invite to my old mate Mas’s wedding function and am well looking forward to catching up with some old pals there,some of um i ain’t seen for about 15 years so it should be a good one.

The twat with the fucked up car alarm has finally moved house now so no more of that noise every day,just a couple more to bugger off and the green will be nice and quiet.Mind you saying that someone has a new puppy near us and they seem to leave it outside barking and whining all the time and that is becoming a bind,why do folks take pets if they are just gunna leave the poor fuckers in the garden all day?

Outsider caterers tonight,so no cooking for us!  Idle i know but every now n then it’s good for ya!

Anyroad i’m off up the shops to refill Mrs B’s  pamper pack,have a good one dear reader and stay safe out there.

Spec init.

March 27, 2007

Rough as bags…..

March 27, 2007

Both me n Mrs B have been poorly yesterday,We both felt ill and spent the day moaning and groaning with aches n pains,feeling a bit better today but tired ,Some sort of virus i reckon,lucky for me i was not working as i had no energy at all and Mrs B went to the office but came home a couple of hours later.Still we are on the mend now.

A couple of new cats spotted in our garden over the last week or so and a few feathers found on the patio tells me its time to step up the anti cat plans,what with all the shit they leave behind and the birds they kill i reckon its time for the catapult to be brought out.Dirty,evil fucking things take advantage of our bird feeding station and lie in wait to kill & of course it’s never the neighbors flea ridden moggy cuz that never leaves the house!!

Anyroad as it’s a sunny afternoon i’m gunna sit in the garden to take in nature and perhaps bung stones at any cat that enters our wildlife haven.Have a good one and stay safe .

Smells fishy….

March 25, 2007

A corking sea food meal cooked by the lovely Mrs B last night,prawns,oysters,scallops n all that,very nice and washed down with a drop of wine it made a nice start to a lovely night.Lamb on the menu today,i do like a lamb cutlet me.

The next door neighbor gave us a scare last night as sparks were flying about from a fire she had burning in her garden,i had visions of our leaf pile bursting into flames. Seems she is doing a bit of landscaping and was burning some tree branches,some work to be done over there,we opted for a professional to do ours as we had a shit load of trees to drop & i don’t do that sort of stuff.The yellow pages never fails!

Me n Mrs B just got back from B & Q armed with a few bags of bark n a load of plants,Mind you i ain’t doing the gardening as Mrs B sorts all that out,I’m more your doss in the garden type rather that all that shit under ya finger nails stuff,i don’t mind playing with the leaf blower of the hose though.Done a real good job on the garden since we have lived here at Barnze Towers has Mrs B & enjoyed it unall.I just enjoy the results.

Anyroad i’m off to watch a bit of tele with a beer,have a good one dear reader and stay safe. 

Let the good time roll.

March 23, 2007

The last shift of the week & i must say after the load of shit i have been through over the last month i am ready for a few days off and a bit of quality time with the lovely Mrs B. A different crew tonight as i joined my team late in the shift pattern and those lucky bastards are off for 6 days now.Not to worry though as i’m sure this crew will keep me entertained.

The market square celebrations kicked off last night with a parade for the kids of Hood Town with more to come over the next 2 weeks,bring on the good news Nottingham lets hope we are in for a few months of good times and joy eh?

Hey one perk of the new job is standing outside the factory as the dawn breaks and listening to the chorus of birdsong with a mug of tea in one hand & a fag in the other,puts me in a proper good mood that,fantastic this morning watching the sky lighten as summertime creeps slowly towards us,It is good to be alive!

Anyroad it’s time for me to get off to work,have a good weekend you lot and try to be good boys n girls eh? Take care & stay safe.

Nipples like chapel hat pegs.

March 22, 2007

Well fuck me if we ain’t gunna lob another few grand into the Market Square refit as the water feature springs a leak,that Charlie Dimmock would have done a better job of it i reckon!

Mind you i do think the square looks better every time i see it,And as they have built a stage in front of the council house in preparation for the re opening concerts it looks good! I reckon another statue of Robin Hood wunt go amiss somewhere in the square perhaps pointing the way to the castle?

It nearly the weekend folks,keep smiling.

The heat is on.

March 22, 2007

A phone call and the boiler is sorted,It was the room thermostat that was bolloxed ,25 quid and we are warm again cheers to my Bro for sorting that out and cheers to Bob for nipping out so quick to sort it,Drinks are on me next week! Where would we be without mates rates eh!

Half way through the working week n production is going well,the crew are happy,gaffers grumpy & i have no idea where the rest of the dwarves are…. Odd weather again as we had a bit of snow again last night i reckon it’s time it started to warm up,mind you with the clocks going back next week and lighter nights on the way folks start to feel better and the weather dunt matter so much.

Funny to see a load of rat arsed students in the early hours of this morning marching down the road with road cones on there heads,i had a flash back to my younher days of leaving a cone at the foot of the stairs in my mam n dads place after a night of drunken revelry!The old man was well pissed off in the morning i can tell ya. I wonder how many of us has had a cone on our heads?Come on you know you have!
Anyroad i’m off to  slice the corned beef,have a good one & take care.

The good,the bad & the beat goes on.

March 21, 2007

It was good to get back on the shop floor last night i can tell ya,the team i was with were a good bunch,thought they try to to hard to impress if you know what i mean?But they managed to cope with me and we had a few laughs. So all is well on the factory front,bad news is our boiler has packed up and what with it being fucking cold last night Mrs B had a shit night so we gotta get that sorted asap.Bastard thing!!!

You know how birds are born with the knowledge to fly? How come we ain’t born with the knowledge to fix our fucking boilers eh? Where’s the sense in that!

Shit happens eh.

Anyroad i’m off to butter a cob,have a good one & stay safe.