Onward and upward!


Another fine morning here in Hood Town and a few job applications on the door mat as i got up so i gotta get those filled in and posted back,and i got some good interview tips from Jinks today and very funny they are!

The Faggots went down a treat yesterday,and the wind has picked up as i thought it would! I reckon we will have a Full English today as it has been ages since we have had some fat intake,Mind you no black pudding!!!

Anyroad i’m off to fill in a few forms and grab a brew and a fist full of fags,Have a good one dear reader and stay safe out there!

5 Responses to “Onward and upward!”

  1. cappy Says:

    no black pudding? not a fry up!
    we had some the other weekend, and the boy had to ask what it was. of course being the doting, dutiful dad i told him. cue much “liar. mummy, daddy says this is made of pig blood and ears and stuff. it isn’t is it?

  2. barnze Says:

    I can’t be doing with the stuff,i don’t mind a bit every now n then but not on a full English,My old dad used to say it was made from ‘ear oles,eye oles n arse oles”! I still miss his sayings,bless him.

  3. Chris Says:

    ‘ear oles,eye oles n arse oles”! 😀

    My boy loves sausages, and delights in telling his 5 YO class mates that they’re ‘chopped up dead piggies’. We’re going to have trouble with that one….

  4. barnze Says:

    Kids are brill ain’t they!

  5. Jinks Writes and rewrites Says:

    Well boys, here in the South (USA) you can chow down on chittlins, which are hog intestines, you literally boil the crap out of them. Then there’s pigs feet.
    And kids, you ain’t lived untl you’ve had a plateful of squirrel brains and eggs……scrambled.

    No matter how disgusting anything sounds on the menu, just cover it in peppered country style (flour based) gravy toss in a few biscuits and your good to go…….usually earl calling.

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