The eye of the beholder.

As i am in town today i shall take my camera and get a few shots of the new old market square as i reckon most of the work is done there now. And i think Dave asked me to post some new pics of the square a while back. Well it’s time for me to strap on the Kevlar and venture into town so i will catch up with you lot later.

Be careful out there.

3 Responses to “The eye of the beholder.”

  1. farmer_dave Says:

    ta for the pic and the old square dose look a bit different, wonder how long it will last nice and clean before the scrotes start writing all over the place, i will have a trip into town when iam next up in nottingham probly in about a couple of weeks or so and how did your hearing go

  2. cappy Says:

    don’t keep us hanging… did you get on????

  3. barnze Says:

    Big opening day coming up then 2 weeks of stuff going on,I reckon i will be there for some of that,with camera n that.

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