We lost….Again!

The Go-Lightly’s lost again at the bowling alley last night,Close games though and with the added bonus of the original G0-lightly team back together again,Good to catch up with Kwaig again so it was a good night all in and another re-match in the pipeline so the trophy can still come home.

Today i had to nip up to the job center and fuck me if i dint have all the stuff they needed,i knew that would happen!!!! Some right rough looking folks in there i can tell ya,not the sort of place ya wanna be! Seems to me that being unemployed makes you aggressive,rude and generally not a nice person,i wonder how long it takes before i get in that state??? It will be my first signing day tomorrow so i am well looking forward to mixing with those folks again…

The work is still going on in the market square but it looks just about done now,i can’t say i don’t like it as i haven’t spent much time there but it looks ok i reckon.I suppose it will grow on folks.

Anyroad i got a bit more paperwork to sort through so i’m off,Have a good one and stay safe.

6 Responses to “We lost….Again!”

  1. farmer_dave Says:

    iam up in nottingham this week something so ill have a walk round the old town and see what else has been knocked down and rebuilt, and lookig forward to see what they have done to the old co-op building as that was a long time coming as well, and might even do a pub crawl thursday as well and have a pint in the bell which ive not been in for ages

  2. barnze Says:

    Done a good job on the old co-op,some good sushi to be had in there nowadays,Good ale and company in the bell,always nip in for one when im in town.

  3. AuntJackie Says:

    Maybe you guys should change the name from “Go Lightlys” to something meaner… like the “Shove This Bowling Ball Up Your Arses” and the bad luck streak could break… Then you wouldn’t know if your luck had literally changed, or the other team was just scared and let you win.

    **scratches head**

    I must remind myself to stop trying to help! lmao!!

  4. Pinksy Says:

    I’m gonna have to hit right back with my own “foot in market square” pictures now…

  5. Four Dinners Says:

    You need Bambi in your team. Last session we had she let go of the ball on the backswing and the opposition parted like chaff as it whizzed through them. They never recovered their composure and we sailed to an easy victory.

  6. barnze Says:

    @ Aunt Jackie.. Change the name…Never.we always go lightly and try to leave no foot prints on the beach.

    @ Pinksy.. Getting ya foot in shot is a must to prove you were there!

    @ 4D.. I reckon its the ale that puts our game down,mind you bowling without a beer is madness.

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