Yabber dabber dooooooooo

A nice find over at Aunt Jackie‘s place today.The Flintstones having a fag. brill!

Ya dont see many cartoons smoking nowadays do ya?

4 Responses to “Yabber dabber dooooooooo”

  1. AuntJackie Says:

    I’m glad you liked that… and no these days the cartoons don’t do much of the smoking and drinking… You can’t beat toons like Bugs Bunny, and then those Hanna Barberras… all top notch!! Those were the days.

  2. Chris Says:

    They certainly don’t make ’em like that anymore….

  3. barnze Says:

    A great find there Jackie,made me laugh,Seems odd that in those days they tried to humanize cartoons and now we have sponge bob square pants???

  4. AuntJackie Says:

    Yeah most cartoons nowadays suck arse. I miss the old Saturday Morning cartoons they had when I was growing up…

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