The final decision from the company arrived today & they still insist i fucked up?? So it’s up the the tribunal to do the biz.

A good day today out at Newark for the day and had time for a pint and a wander around the antique shops with the lovely Mrs B,A big day for the markets as the run up to mothers day is a boom week so the place was well packed.Kerching!

loads of folks with St Paddys hats n stuff about as they make their way to get rat arsed and who can fault um? Not me. Some nice meats n olives for tonights meal and with some bread n a bottle of wine it should be a good one.

Anyroad im off for a lie down,i hope your day was as nice as mine dear reader,take care & stay safe.

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6 Responses to “Tooparndsananasfoaparrr.”

  1. four dinners Says:

    christ what did yer do letter bomb the place or some’at??? I once represented someone who hid a damaged dangerous goods box – he’d put a fork blade through it – in the middle of a load of others. It almost got loaded on a plane. I kept him in a job (don’t tell me he didn’t deserve it I know he didn’t but mine’s not to judge but to represent) – the company screwed procedure a bit n I got him off on a final written instead of the sack.

    You’ll win the tribunal ’cause whatever it was it wasn’t as bad as that!!

    Happy St Paddys

  2. John A Thomson Says:

    First thing to look at is training. Were you formally trained in the process and use of said equipment? Is there a training record which has been signed off by both the trainer and yourself? Should you have been retrained or at least recertified? Was that done and again recorded?

    Even if you did indeed fuck up but they can’t provide adequate training records that can stand up in a tribunal, well let me say they’ve got a difficult job ahead of themselves defending the case.

  3. AuntJackie Says:

    You guys are all taking Naps today! Mr. J is taking one too, despite my amorous gestures… Sounds like you had a more exciting day than I have so far… **boo hoo**

  4. barnze Says:

    I am / was fully trained on the system,I reckon it was a system error or it never happened at all!
    Kind of getting used to being hounded now (Remember last years harassment ?) but the tribunal should come down in my favor. Anyroad whatever the out come i must say the actions against me has got a lot of folks wondering who is next. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!

    As for taking a nap Jackie us blokes need our beauty sleep, in my case coma.

  5. The Lathe Says:

    Sorry to hear about the appeal C. Time to bring out the big guns and let the I.T. do its magic. Best of luck mate, keep us up to date on all events, will raise a glass when the truth is out.

  6. barnze Says:

    The out come was expected mate, I don’t have to do owt now as the union will be sorting it from here.Have a good one and watch ya backs out there!

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