From gas to mig.And the world at my feet

Firefox is playing up today and i keep losing comms so back to the explorer to see if the pc system has a problem,It’s never been right since i has the new drive fitted,I reckon i shall have to get it looked at.Fucking things can know how to piss ya off eh?

I had an interview at another factory on Thursday and the gaffer there seemed to be impressed with my experience,professionalism and personality and offered me the job on the spot, so i am just waiting on the paper work before i start work again. A bit different to the old factory and some new tech stuff to train on but it looks good,i even get a couple of bob pay rise though the shift pattern is different it still gives me time to pursue my pastimes so things are on the up!I must say i am looking forward to new challenges,and the crew there seem to be a good bunch,work hard play hard they say,Now that’s my sort of thing!

More on that as i get stuck into it. I reckon there will be some tales to come from this new venture!

Anyroad now those of you who have given me support over the last few days can raise a glass to me and share in the happiness,Those of you who wanted me to crash n burncan kiss my fucking arse,You know who you are and what category you fall into,Some good advice and support during my back stabbing session(Remember last Octobers farce?) and i appreciate it,mind you this place has taken some hits from the other side unall,i suppose they come to see what i’m saying about them…Not much to satisfy them here so it makes me smile knowing that i have a few readers whose heads should hang in shame knowing they have done me wrong,you never know when you may think you have seen yourself on here eh you cunts!

Anyroad as i am on a high i’m off to the pub for a couple of pints. Fly high folks!

Cheers all!

9 Responses to “From gas to mig.And the world at my feet”

  1. Mal The Plod Says:

    Well done mate, sure you’ll be an assett to any factory!

  2. barnze Says:

    Don’t you know it Mal,Hope to catch up with you on the lanes in the future mate.

  3. AuntJackie Says:

    See I knew that you would rise above and it was all for the greater good!! I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for you… Wonderful! Cheers!!!

    Always seems that when one door closes, a new even better door is open wide in front of ya… when things happen, it always feels unfair and you can get so down about it but remember it and always trust that it’s just a twist in the road to better things!!

    I’ll have Mr. J drink some suds in your honor!

  4. four dinners Says:

    Brilliant news!!! Been thinkin of yer. Even better now yer’ll be back earnin’ yer don’t have to fret about the tribunal. It’ll arrive when it does but you and the family will already be cool again.

    Made me day old bean. Ta

  5. The Lathe Says:

    Great news about the job at the new factory C. you can’t keep a good man down !!!

  6. fuckedoff Says:

    nice one barnze our loss is another factories gain. hope it all works out well for you. hope you take the prick to the cleaners at the tribuneral

  7. taxitales Says:

    Well chuffed for u mate good luck in the new job.

  8. John A Thomson Says:

    Who fell in the shite and came up smelling of roses?!?

    Now you can take them all the way with nothing held back at the Industrial Tribunal, knowing that you need never go back. It will be great for your credibility if the tribunal instructs them to pay you loads of cash and give you back your job – not that you need to take them up on the last part of the deal.

    Have a great time at the new job.

  9. barnze Says:

    Shame that i could not have my old job back as i did enjoy the work there but working there had become untenable,what with the dogs barking at my feet since i reported that cunt for slacking on the job last year,for months after that i had been harassed,watched all the time, then the jumped up charges in october came and went (I should have known then) then this load of lies comes around!!! Not many folks get offered promotion one month and fired the next eh?
    Anyroad it seems i shall not be going back there,Here’s to the new venture!


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