What was the weather doing yesterday?? We here in Hood Town had the years weather in a day,Sun shine & warm then rain,hail,snow,cold winds all in the space of a few hours..Weird i reckon.

I have just updated my CV with the words “dismissed for bringing a company’s name into disrepute ” kind of sticks in ya craw when thats exactly what they have done to me eh? Mind you now i just have to get on with the new job and let the tribunal folks do the rest,Shame it all happened as it did and i suppose i should have seen it coming but shit happens. I shall of course be keeping in touch with my mates and am looking forward to the next bowling night,Give me a bit of time and i reckon we could have a team from my factory playing a team from the old one ( i still have a couple of Ken the Bubbles old trophy’s to recycle .) now that would be a good match. I have awarded the Stephanieum to the decision makers for their mistake and though i am still pissed off at what has been done to me i am putting it down to experience.

Anyroad enough of that for now as i have water caltrops to prepare for tonights meal and yet even more admin work to do so i’m off,Hope your weekend was a good as mine,Take care and stay safe.

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2 Responses to “Chill.”

  1. farmer_dave Says:

    good luck with your new job mate and hope it works out for yeh, i was up in nottingham for a few days last week and i took a trip into town and i dont think much of the so called new market square, a bit flat and open rather would of had kept the old look square and just tarted it up a bit

  2. barnze Says:

    Cheers Dave,I start next monday so im having a bit of a holiday now,i agree with you on the square it would have been good with just a clean up but the new one is growing on me.

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