The good,the bad & the beat goes on.

It was good to get back on the shop floor last night i can tell ya,the team i was with were a good bunch,thought they try to to hard to impress if you know what i mean?But they managed to cope with me and we had a few laughs. So all is well on the factory front,bad news is our boiler has packed up and what with it being fucking cold last night Mrs B had a shit night so we gotta get that sorted asap.Bastard thing!!!

You know how birds are born with the knowledge to fly? How come we ain’t born with the knowledge to fix our fucking boilers eh? Where’s the sense in that!

Shit happens eh.

Anyroad i’m off to butter a cob,have a good one & stay safe.

6 Responses to “The good,the bad & the beat goes on.”

  1. Curmudgeonly Yours Says:

    Damn. Boilers are bloody expensive.

  2. Pinksy Says:

    Been dead busy recently so haven’t had chance to catch up till now, but good news on the job front mate. One of my colleagues reckons she’s spotted you down the seafront, btw! One day I’m gonna bump into you in a Rudd pub I reckon. Still not happy about this impending fag ban though (sorry, that was a bit random, I’m tired)

  3. cappy Says:

    thats life barnze! whatever happens you’ll have a problem with one old boiler or another!

  4. four dinners Says:

    ours is makin a funny clickin noise. think it’s on the way out too. roll on summer quick.

  5. mas Says:

    just had a new one myself,has to be condensing under new legislation £750 and that was mates rates.The telly packed up last night bah,more dosh.

  6. barnze Says:

    @ Pinksy..Not been up to Rudd for ages but my bro lives up there n i am nipping up next week to see him so ya never know.

    @ mas..same shit with us last year,Toaster died,deep fat fryer died,stuff is set to pack up after a set time i reckon.

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