The heat is on.

A phone call and the boiler is sorted,It was the room thermostat that was bolloxed ,25 quid and we are warm again cheers to my Bro for sorting that out and cheers to Bob for nipping out so quick to sort it,Drinks are on me next week! Where would we be without mates rates eh!

Half way through the working week n production is going well,the crew are happy,gaffers grumpy & i have no idea where the rest of the dwarves are…. Odd weather again as we had a bit of snow again last night i reckon it’s time it started to warm up,mind you with the clocks going back next week and lighter nights on the way folks start to feel better and the weather dunt matter so much.

Funny to see a load of rat arsed students in the early hours of this morning marching down the road with road cones on there heads,i had a flash back to my younher days of leaving a cone at the foot of the stairs in my mam n dads place after a night of drunken revelry!The old man was well pissed off in the morning i can tell ya. I wonder how many of us has had a cone on our heads?Come on you know you have!
Anyroad i’m off to  slice the corned beef,have a good one & take care.

3 Responses to “The heat is on.”

  1. farmer_dave Says:

    i used to put the cones on top of peoples cars when i was drunk thoght it was funny as hell, and when i walked to work seeing the car owners puzzled faces wondering who was putting the cones on the car and me walking by saying to meself it was me

  2. barnze Says:

    Walking by shaking your head saying “Kids eh,stoooopid bleeders” laughing as you went.Ale does some weird things.

  3. farmer_dave Says:

    and another one i used to do when i had a few was, post me leftover chips and gravy in the postbox thought that was funny as hell till i saw the postman open the postbox next morning finging all the letters covered in chips and gravy

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