Rough as bags…..

Both me n Mrs B have been poorly yesterday,We both felt ill and spent the day moaning and groaning with aches n pains,feeling a bit better today but tired ,Some sort of virus i reckon,lucky for me i was not working as i had no energy at all and Mrs B went to the office but came home a couple of hours later.Still we are on the mend now.

A couple of new cats spotted in our garden over the last week or so and a few feathers found on the patio tells me its time to step up the anti cat plans,what with all the shit they leave behind and the birds they kill i reckon its time for the catapult to be brought out.Dirty,evil fucking things take advantage of our bird feeding station and lie in wait to kill & of course it’s never the neighbors flea ridden moggy cuz that never leaves the house!!

Anyroad as it’s a sunny afternoon i’m gunna sit in the garden to take in nature and perhaps bung stones at any cat that enters our wildlife haven.Have a good one and stay safe .

3 Responses to “Rough as bags…..”

  1. John A Thomson Says:

    Sounds like Cat Scratch disease! Did one of them manage to scratch you?

    Dirty little fuckers ;-).

  2. Chris Says:

    That horrible bleedin virus is nationwide I think. GWS.

    Just been catching up on your blog, great stuff with the new job, now to get some cash out of the other bastards & set you up for a nice holiday in the summer, and a damn good year.

    Take it easy 🙂 (Although not too easy)

  3. barnze Says:

    @ JAT.. I don’t let um close enough to scratch me john though it’s no supprise to read they carry disease.

    @ Chris.. It knocked us both for six i can tell ya,Still a bit wary from it now,The new job is going well,and the unfair dismissal cast is with the tribunal people now so i don’t have much to do with it.Have a good one.

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