Feeling a lot better today i can tell ya,the last couple of days we have been drained,Mrs B back at the office now and i am back at the factory in the morning so all is good in the hood,I just received my invite to my old mate Mas’s wedding function and am well looking forward to catching up with some old pals there,some of um i ain’t seen for about 15 years so it should be a good one.

The twat with the fucked up car alarm has finally moved house now so no more of that noise every day,just a couple more to bugger off and the green will be nice and quiet.Mind you saying that someone has a new puppy near us and they seem to leave it outside barking and whining all the time and that is becoming a bind,why do folks take pets if they are just gunna leave the poor fuckers in the garden all day?

Outsider caterers tonight,so no cooking for us!  Idle i know but every now n then it’s good for ya!

Anyroad i’m off up the shops to refill Mrs B’s  pamper pack,have a good one dear reader and stay safe out there.

2 Responses to “Sssssshhhhhhhhhh!”

  1. dan Says:

    let’s hope no more twats with them dodgy car alarms move in.

    nobody pays atttention to car alarms anyway

  2. barnze Says:

    True mate nobody gives a fuck,same with house alarms,they just piss off the neighbors cuz plod don’t respond to um! Whats the point?

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