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Leave the kids at home..FFS.

April 30, 2007

When we were down the ferry the other night it was a surprise to bump into my old mate Mass in there,on his way into town for a few while we were doing the romance thing at a table for two,mind you as it was early we had to put up with some loud drunken twats and their unruly kids for a bit and that does tend to knock the sparkle off the evening but what can ya do without a cattle prod eh? I hate folks who have no idea how to conduct them selves on these occasions.

Anyroad we shall be catching up with Mass next weekend as he gets married (And about time unall) and as we discussed the wedding gifts i was well chuffed to hear he wanted some vouchers to pick their own gifts as he would have ended up with another set of wine glasses!!!

The meals were good as expected and the wine was really nice though overpriced as always  but the ferry is a nice place in the summer time so we shall be back.

Anyroad thats it for today as i’m up the shops for some snap.Take care and stay safe as there are some twisted fuckers about.

It’s a walk in the park.

April 30, 2007

Yesterday the plan came together,A walk in the park,feeding the ducks,a cream tea,a walk through the steam museum & a pint with lunch with the sun shining. Sorted!

Not a load of ducks about to lob our bread at but loads of young squirrels about nicking folks picnic food,and we only saw a couple of deer so i reckon its still too early to get the full nature thing down there yet.

We nipped into the cafe for a brew and a cream tea before wandering into the steam museum (free now so a bargain) though that sort of thing ain’t really up my street it was there so we did it,We even bumped into one of Mrs Bs colleagues who works on the engines there in his spare time,and apparently plays the harmonica on the tele sometimes, anyroad after coming out of there we walked down the hill for a bite to eat and a pint in the wheelhouse before going home to Barnze Towers,A good day out i reckon.

All in we had a nice time with some hand holding but no rolly poley down the hill as the deer shit was everywhere.

Cheers to Wollo park always a good day out! A Barnzeum award to the park and all who work there.

Just for AJ

April 28, 2007

Them lot….

April 28, 2007

How lucky can one guy be?

April 28, 2007

Well we never made it to the park yesterday as we got side tracked by the shops,i needed some shoes and we ended up on a full on shopping spree, we managed a pint in the Bell so all was good,well i say all was good as luckily we missed a stabbing on Clumber Street by a few minutes…Fucking mental or what?

So it’s off to the park tomorrow and tonight we are down to the Ferry for a meal,a bottle of wine or two and a bit of romance,Ain’t love grand? With the added bonus of having Barnze Towers to ourselves tonight as Young Master B and his poorly finger is staying with friends,Nice one!

I managed to grab a few snaps yesterday so here they are,And before ya start i never said they were good…

The View from the bell looking out,Mostly blurred when i leave the place..Hic!

The Lions on the square,a meeting place for everyone here in Hood Town,I have spent many an hour waiting for the future Mrs B during my courting days waiting there.Neve one for being early is Mrs B.

The council house viewed from the Bell,not much of the new square to be seen from here but still a nice shot i reckon.

The canal,some nice lunchtime drinking places down there,shite at night though so i avoid um if i can.

Anyroad that’s it for now as i’m off for a shower n shave ready for tonights trip out,have a good weekend you lot,Oh and it looks like the price of drugs are about to rise.Take care.

Half full i reckon.

April 26, 2007

Busy doin nothing.

April 26, 2007

Let the good times roll, the days off are here at last and it has been a long hard week so i am ready for some serious doing fuck all time i can tell ya.

Rain on the cards for tomorrow but we are going up to the park  no matter if it lashes down, so there.

A few beers and a kebab tonight in front of the tele,a bit of holding hands and that makes for a nice night in i reckon!

Young Master B has a sore finger after one of his work mates dropped a concrete slab on it,he came home looking for sympathy and found me..I just laughed! Perhaps i need help with my compassion muscle eh?

Anyroad i’m off to soak my feet,Have a good one dear reader and stay safe.

And a couple of tra-la-las.

April 25, 2007

Well at last the shit hit the fan at the factory last night,we were as busy as fuck with hardly time to wipe our arses between jobs,mind you it does pass the time quicker when your at it none stop eh?

Well looking forward to some quality time with the lovely Mrs B after tonights shift i can tell ya. Tell ya somat else unall my feet are well in need of the foot spa so that is out and ready for the morning!A few beers and a chill out will put me back into relax mode ready for my days off.

Mrs B has been painting the walls in the utility room during her time off this week (And a good job done in there) so we are both ready for a nice walk and a bit of hand holding at Wollo park on Friday and with a bit of careful planning a nice meal at some point in the day we should have a good time, Hey we might even feed the ducks,how shit hot is that?

Anyroad it’s time to get ready for the last shift so I’m off for a shower,Enjoy the rest of the week those of you with good intent,The rest can eat my shit! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Stay safe.

One horse power.

April 24, 2007

Green fingers..Dirty nails.

April 24, 2007

Our garden looked brill this morning when i got home from the factory,standing there in the rain i could almost see it growing,Even the guzgog bushes have decided to fruit early this year,mind you Mrs B did move them over to the side borders to make room for the compost bin so i reckon that has done um some good.

If it ain’t have been raining i would have spent a bit more time out there admiring my Mrs Bs hard work, Now it looks like Mrs B is getting involved in her mam’s garden planning as we are off down there on Thursday to move a shed to make way for another planting area,One good thing is most of the plants going in are coming from our garden so that has saved the mother in law a few quid,i reckon it’s good when you can get stuff for nowt just as long as it ain’t me doing the digging!

Anyroad i’m off to get ready for another shift,Enjoy you day and stay safe.

The first cut is the deepest.