And the band played on.

Those of you following the saga of my dismissal from the old factory will be pleased to hear i now have a date in early June for the tribunal hearing,I had a call from the legal folks today so i have booked the day off and am looking forward to it,mind you i have a few more bits to do so that is taking up my quality time but i suppose it’s all worth it in the end.

My induction and all that crap is now done at the factory (New place) and i am now working with my full time squad,a good mix of folks with some wicked humor so all is going well there.Oh & it looks like my old mate Flank is getting some interest in a inter factory bowling match so i am well up for a lump of that.

Odd thing happened at the factory yesterday as a chap introduced himself to me as the brother of Annie go-lightlys partner(My boss at another place i worked),tell ya what i saw the resemblance straight away unall ,things like that make it a small world eh?

Nice to be able to grab a swift pint last night after work with Mrs B as she was working late at the office,always good to see her unexpectedly,Ain’t love grand?
A bit of overtime (Paid at double time ) on Friday to help out with staffing as we have two blokes off sick leaves Mrs B free to nip out for a meal with her colleagues from the office so that has worked well,And on Saturday night me n the lovely Mrs B are out on the town so again all is good in the hood.

Anyroad i got some laundry to sort out and a meal to prepare so i’m off,Have a good one dear reader and stay safe out there.

Oh & cheers to Mal the Plod for the picture,Nice one mate,i hate cats!

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5 Responses to “And the band played on.”

  1. AuntJackie Says:

    Sounds all good to me!! Hope you have a great week… Thanks for popping through the forrest ;D

  2. four dinners Says:

    Looks like the Old Pretenders FC away kit. Hope it’s not me or the Mrs’ll go ape if she sees that!

  3. MaFt Says:

    not been around for a bit so have missed the great dismissal saga… hope the tribunal goes alright for ya!


  4. barnze Says:

    It aint in ya to launch a cat 4D,but a good pic i reckon!

  5. fuckedoff Says:

    Nice 1 barnze sounds life is going good, hope u take the cunt to the cleaners its the least the twat deserves. you will have to let us know the details of the bowling match.

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