A couple of bottles in the afternoon…

It was good to catch up on family goss with my bro,it seems that a family member is doing one of those family tree things,i could never be arsed to get into that sort of thing although i do know that i am related to a viking called Ragnor the mad bastard!!!

Faggots n mash on the table tonight quick n easy and of course farting material at it’s finest. I noticed up at the shops that the warm weather has awakened the urge in fat folks to get their belly’s out early this year, Do they know that they look like right twats or what?

Anyroad just a quick nip in here before i get cooking so i’m off,have a good one and enjoy your day those with good intent.The rest (You know who you are) can kiss my arse.

7 Responses to “A couple of bottles in the afternoon…”

  1. John Thomdon Says:

    Let’s analyse some of the information in this posting, as there are Freudian slips everywhere:

    >>>Ragnor the mad bastard
    >>>Faggots n mash on the table tonight quick n easy
    >>>can kiss my arse

    There can be only one conclusion… you’re actually related to the fearless viking Fagnor the Arse Bandit! 😀

  2. farmer_dave Says:

    i had faggots and mash meslef the other nite with mushy peas witha couple of slabs of bread and butter very nice as well, 2nites dinner was gammon stake ina mushroom sauce with red peppers and peas with a helping of pasta very nice too

  3. Mal the Plod Says:

    My belly has been out all day and I’m proud of being a twat!!

  4. barnze Says:

    @ John..Fagnor the arse bandit sounds like he could well be one of my rellys.

    @ Mal..Not in public mate..keep it for the back yard.As for being a twat i too am happy to be a member.

  5. The Lathe Says:

    My rellys did a family tree, seems I am related to Bill “The Bull Buggerin’ Dwarf Of Tidworth”.

  6. AuntieJac Says:

    Is “Faggots and Mash” the same as “Bangors and Mash”?

    Well, as my father would say “Lett’er Rippp!!”

  7. barnze Says:

    @ The Lathe, Odd how you find yourself in close contact with these types of folks eh mate. Could have been worse you could have had some judas in the family..

    @ Auntie Jac.. Fagots are a type of meat ball,but served much the same as bangers n mash… http://www.hub-uk.com/tallyrecip01/recipe0010.htm

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