Grin & beer it!

What a belter of a morning,sunny & warm,New leaves popping out on the trees and the finches singing in the garden.Makes me feel good despite a stiff shoulder & a bit of a fuzzy head after the beers last night.

Off up to the next village today to see my bro,always good to get into some other folks ale i reckon. Makes me smile to say village as the place is an estate built around a green and snobbery prevails up there as it does here,we like to think we are a bit of something we aint eh?You get a better class of graffiti in a village i allus say.

I spotted yet another small cat this morning walking through our garden,no time to lob owt at it but as the weather is warming up i have filled and primed the super soaker in readiness for its next visit,the dirty little bastards never learn eh?

Anyroad i’m off for a shower and a bit of smooth radio. Stay safe out there .

7 Responses to “Grin & beer it!”

  1. four dinners Says:

    graffiti down here is illegible. Least you can read it in my home town – even if it says ‘ee by eck’ or some’at.

  2. ANYROAD UP Says:

    I hate graffiti,they should make toe-rags clean it off with their foreheads

  3. barnze Says:

    not a lot of the street art is much cop around me,though i have seen some good stuff about. Most of it is shite done by scrotes…

  4. AuntieJac Says:

    LOL! Funny looking pic there.

  5. Pinksy Says:

    watch it barnze, us rudd lot ull ave ya!

    btw, have you been in the Vic Tavern recently? “Barnz” (no letter e) is scribbled in pencil on the tiles above the trough! (left side). next time i’m in there i’ll take a pic and post it!!

  6. barnze Says:

    Offense meant mate… Not me who wrote above the piss trough in the tavern,i know the gaffer in there so there would be no point in that,plus i’m 50 this year so i reckon i would have grown out of that.Perhaps it’s a blog groupie paying tribute?

  7. Pinksy Says:

    …maybe it’s a groupie yes! a barnzette!

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