Are we having fun yet?

Well i was so tired this morning after the night shift i went straight to bed,Plenty of action last night and we were kept busy all shift so i was well ready for a kip i can tell ya.

Off out down the Manor Indian tonight for a ruby and a few beers and as it’s just a few mins walk from Barnze Towers a nice walk back through the avenue of trees before settling down in front of the tele seems well in order.Good food,good wine,good company. All i need now is a song to sing in the morning.

I have another night shift on Sunday (Overtime to help out with staffing) then a few days off to kick back n chill,Oh and of course there is “Amore ” on Tuesday so it looks like a good few days coming up eh?

Anyroad it’s time for me to slip into my dhuti and get out there for some snap.

Enjoy your weekend folks and stay safe. Mind ya backs…

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6 Responses to “Are we having fun yet?”

  1. four dinners Says:

    Sounds like the new jobs goin on a treat. Have a good ruby. Amore looks well good n all

  2. barnze Says:

    For a punk i reckon ya don’t get much better than the old rat pack,I just can’t see me in the crowd watching the damned nowadays.. Punk ain’t dead it just got old..

  3. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    Went to Notts, didn’t get shot or stabbed.

    Has it lost it’s edge?

    Hope you’re ok.

  4. barnze Says: ain’t lost it’s edge mate you must have picked a quiet time.Things are ok my end,how you doing?

  5. Pinksy Says:

    where the hell do you get these pictures?!

    @Daniel Hoffmann-Gill – London’s the murder capital now, surely?!

  6. barnze Says:

    @ Pinksy.. I just search for the words im looking for in images,Sometimes it works.

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