That’s entertainment (A good song by the way)

A knock on the door from the postie woke me this morning as i took delivery of the Simon Mitchell art i won in a LeftLion competition a few weeks back,Not a bad way to start the day eh? My little collection of original art is growing slowly & it is now on display in the great hall (Untill Mrs B moves it up to the east wing) for all visitors to see. Well chuffed!

Off out on the town tonight to catch up with Dino & his pals at the Royal Center and grab a bite to eat,one of those feel good days that come along (With top planning by Mrs B) every few weeks. There’s not much can match a good bit of music with the one you love eh? That’s amore!

A wet tea bag caught a killer cat in the guts in the garden today as i sprang into action at seeing the dirty evil fucker creeping about stalking the birds, What use is a pet if your just gunna leave it to go feral? Keep the stinking things indoors if you feel the need to have one,better still cook it up n eat it!

I am still getting hits from those with bad intent,most days i spot an ip address from an unwelcome scrote,I reckon they have to keep coming to see if i have blessed them with a mention,most of um are out of luck though,Mind you a few do get a Stephanieum Award for the piss poor service they have offered me so if you are one of um keep popping in cuz ya never know.

Anyroad it’s time for a brew and a fist full of fags,so i’m off,Have a good one & stay safe out there, most of you.

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2 Responses to “That’s entertainment (A good song by the way)”

  1. Yorkshire Soul Says:

    I’m right with you about cats, evil little buggers. The ones around here lurk close to my bird table, unless I drive them off with a barrage of sgouting / swearing / rocks etc.

  2. barnze Says:

    I hope your aim is good.Fucking things shitting and killing birds all day..They want killing n eating i reckon!

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