Don’t stop me now……

A great nights entertainment was had last night,First stop was Antalya for a bit of snap and a bottle of wine,a window seat is always good for a bit of people watching & there were some odd ball’s out last night i can tell ya, i swear we saw a young Dick Van Dike walk by us a couple of times,Anyroad we enjoyed our meals there before nipping over the road to the Royal Center for the Dean Martin show.

I was surprised to see that there were quite a few empty seats behind us but the show was great,though i thought that the chap who played the part of Nat King Cole just did not do it for me but on the whole i reckon it was a good one and most of us were singing along and having a good time. There was one chap in a wheelchair who had obviously had a drop to much booze and started to get a bit out of hand,shouting and all that but by the second half he had calmed down (Someone must have told him to adjust his behavior during the break 🙂 ) mind you he was probably stunned into silence at the bar prices, nearly 6 quid for two bottles of beer the skanking bastards!

After the show we went down to the Bell for a pint and a bit of live jazz. It was good to see some familiar faces in there and the place as always had a good buzz about it. Out from there into a cab home for a nightcap so all in a good night out. The bad news is i forgot my camera and missed out on a shot of bagpuss cast aside in a puddle of puke n piss,that made us both laugh & reminded me again the importance of always carrying the camera about,ahh well another photo opportunity missed eh?

Anyroad i’m back in the kitchen today and as young master B is back from his mates place (After being there for a week,”Don’t leave it to long to go again mate”) i have to sort out the meal for tonight,So i’m off up to the shops for some inspiration…Chips it is then.

Have a good one dear reader and remember “Everybody loves somebody sometime“.

4 Responses to “Don’t stop me now……”

  1. four dinners Says:

    Sounds like my kinda show – with a sing-a-long n all. £6 for two bottles of beer eh? I can beat that. The Dragon had a weekend break in town and I popped up to see if she was on her last legs or not. Bought a gin and tonic and a vodka and lemonade at the hotel bar. Single shots mind. £10.60 !!!!!

  2. AuntJackie Says:

    Good one!! It is nice to get out and enjoy things once in a while, out for a meal and fresh air, live music and such…

    Today for lunch I had fish and chips too at this place called “The Flying Fish” downtown Memphis… Neat atmosphere, good food, and they had that ‘small pebble type ice’ that I love so much.

    Nearing the weekend Barnze!! Have a fun-filled safe one.

  3. cappy Says:

    sounds like it was a good night, but i have one question.

    was dick van dyke ever actually young?

  4. barnze Says:

    @ 4D..No wonder no fucker is going out to boozers anymore the way they skank ya.

    @ AJ..Fish n chips done right are brill,I have never tasted better than the meals at a place called Wynum in Brisbane Australia,The best fish n chips i have tasted with the added bonus of pelecans to feed unall.

    @ Cappy..Van dyke is like fred astair.born aged 50 .

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