Fly the flag,but don’t let anyone see it..

Hooray for St George n all that,Not that we make much of our patron saints day at all for fear of pissing some delicate folk off,What with all the political correctness about nowadays it seems like its a bad thing to do to celebrate your racial pride if you are English, Normally i would be up the castle today with a few beers in my belly and pride in my heart as the cross of St Geo is hoisted up on the flag pole but as i am on the night shift i miss out this year. Not to worry as i shall raise a glass to George on Thursday with the old toast “England,Harry & St George”. It would be good if we English could make a bit more out of our day rather than just seeing a few footy fans waving the flag about,Mind you i much prefer the union flag myself, Does that make me a traitor? Or am i British?

What ever happens some fucker is gunna take umbridge at a flag flying today.

Anyroad i’m half way through the working week and things are quiet at the factory so far,the fan is spinning and not a sign of the shit hitting it yet,though we are ready for it when it comes…

More paper work sent off for the tribunal hearing today so i reckon that’s all from me now,i think there is some sort of pre hearing thing going on but i don’t have to be there for it so that’s me done now till June i reckon…Roll on.

Anyroad i’m off for some snap and a shower,Have a good one dear reader and stay safe.

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11 Responses to “Fly the flag,but don’t let anyone see it..”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    Happy St Georges Day. Had a flag on our reception counter in the cargo shed. The management made the day shift remove it. I put it back on nights.

  2. Skytower Says:

    The club I work at on a Saturday was entirely decked out in St George flags. A couple of passing Muslims took a great deal of interest…

  3. John A Thomson Says:

    As a Scot I’m slightly bemused at the identity crisis our cousins over the boarder suffer! You should have pride in your culture and history.

    Thanks goodness you’ve rescured your flag back from the facist bully boys who’d hijacked it and caused such negative connotations when it was displayed.

    First and foremost I’m a Scot before I’m a Brit. I’ve got no problem with the English, Irish and Welsh being likewise.

  4. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    Four Dinners: small victories yeah?

    Skytower: “a couple of passing Muslims” says a lot more about you than it does about the two people passing by.

    Barnze: I have no problem with the flag or waving it, aside from the the Union Jack as I’m not a unionist and it stands for quite a fair bit of English bullying or neighbouring nations. I do however find it funny that their is this bizarre movement that cares about St.George’s Day, most people who want to celebrate St.George have little idea he was an Arab soldier and has only been our PAtron Saint (on and off) since the 13th Century.

  5. farmer_dave Says:

    i find it funny when the law says we cant fly our flag incase if offends other people, i thought thats why our grandads and so on went to ww1 and ww2 for so we have freedom of speach and so on but now its like every other fucker can do what they want apart form us brits i say lets reclaim our britishness and say fuck it to everyone else we are the brits after all

  6. AuntieJac Says:

    I think everyone should fly all their flags freely… what the hell is happening to all of our freedoms of speech and expression?? Well, Happy happy anyway!

  7. mas Says:

    The flag will probably be outlawed in a few decades time a bit sad really,nice to see you called it the union flag barnze,it should only be called a jack when on ship!

  8. barnze Says:

    The cross of St George was only taken as a banner by the English footy fans a few years back,untill then it was never linked to the nutters,As for St Geo being an arab..I ain’t fussed if he was a greek,he still represents us and thats good enough for me.
    Most Countrys history has a few skellys in the closet and Britain included has a past that has been in todays terms a bit dodgey . That should not stop us enjoying our day eh?

    I must say i have never been afraid to piss folks off and in my younger days had a laugh purposely doing so,The flag waving to me is mostly down to footy fans nowadays,Not being a drum banging English man myself i reckon if ya wanna fly it then fly it,But know why your doing so.

    Oh & when i was a kid we still had all those pink bits on the map.

  9. Skytower Says:

    Daniel Hoffman-Gill: ““a couple of passing Muslims” says a lot more about you than it does about the two people passing by.”

    Yes. It says that I observed a couple of Muslims paying particular attention to a large amount of St George flags. Merely stating a fact.

  10. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    Farmer Dave: sounds dangerously like the kind of stuff ‘we’ fought against in the WW2 you mentioned and to think that both wars were fought for some sense of Britishness then you ned to read some more books on the matter, it’s not as simple as all that, best to keep things as shades of grey rather than black and white. Also, there is no law banning flying of the English flag.

    Mas: interesting that you think flag flying will be banned but more interesting to talk about notions of nationality and that the idea of English and British will no doubt be replaced, just as they replaced other nationality concepts.

    Barnze: agreed on skellys and people can of course celebrate but it wouldn’t do some people some harm to learn the meaning behind flags and Saint days.

    Skytower: fair enough.

  11. barnze Says:

    This country seems to have a problem with flags ( ) full stop. Most folks i know don’t really give a fuck about the meaning of the cross of St George and see it as the flag of England,some folks i know see it as a far right thing,whatever the views of the populous i reckon if your nations flay is flying others should respect it,i ain’t to fussed on the flag burners though and in fact it gets me angry to see that sort of thing to the point of wanting to smack the twats doing it.
    Bring on them ID cards with a picture of the individuals national flag on it.

    Long live the flag i say!

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