Leave the kids at home..FFS.

When we were down the ferry the other night it was a surprise to bump into my old mate Mass in there,on his way into town for a few while we were doing the romance thing at a table for two,mind you as it was early we had to put up with some loud drunken twats and their unruly kids for a bit and that does tend to knock the sparkle off the evening but what can ya do without a cattle prod eh? I hate folks who have no idea how to conduct them selves on these occasions.

Anyroad we shall be catching up with Mass next weekend as he gets married (And about time unall) and as we discussed the wedding gifts i was well chuffed to hear he wanted some vouchers to pick their own gifts as he would have ended up with another set of wine glasses!!!

The meals were good as expected and the wine was really nice though overpriced as always  but the ferry is a nice place in the summer time so we shall be back.

Anyroad thats it for today as i’m up the shops for some snap.Take care and stay safe as there are some twisted fuckers about.

8 Responses to “Leave the kids at home..FFS.”

  1. mas Says:

    hi mate ,great to see you and Mrs B too. Fifty of us turned up so i was well chuffed with the turn out, we walked from the ferry to casa then on into bridgford, a cracking night it was.Anyway this is your blog so i won`t rattle on anymore and looking forward to Saturday. cheers.
    P.s you`ll be pleased to hear the reception is a kid free zone.

  2. barnze Says:

    Good to hear you had a good one mate,Kids at wedding function seem to behave most of the time but as it’s kids free thats a bonus,Take care n see ya satdee.

  3. Pinksy Says:

    We tried to go for Sunday lunch at the Ferry yesterday. 2 hour wait on the food. Good one. We went to West Bridgeford instead.

  4. Skytower Says:

    Dunno about “child free zone” – I think “chav free zone” would be much more welcome…

  5. AuntJackie Says:

    That’s exactly how I feel about people and their unruly kids when out and about trying to enjoy an evening. Unfortunately, however, I always tend to be their target and get seated right next to “The Bratty Bunch”… It’s all good though, after a few brews Mr. J usually sends them running in the other direction with his foul language!!! LOL!

  6. barnze Says:

    @ Pinksy..Booking for sunday lunch is a must,mind you still loads of kids running round shouting,Dine at 7 ish not too bad then,I have recommended they have an adults only resturant to no avail.

    @ Sky Tower… Most places are chav free now as the scrotes prefer to sit outside and pretend to be grown ups…

    @ AJ… Eateries should not allow children into their establishments after 4 pm,who wants their dining experience ruined by kid running round with drunken parents chasing them?

  7. Four Dinners Says:

    Apart from a local tandoori which has kids under 16 banned from 8pm I avoid the local restaurants for that very reason.

  8. barnze Says:

    I can’t blame the kids as i reckon the parents should teach um how to behave in social places. Mind you i would sooner there not be kids in any places i would go to relax.

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