Can you feel the love?

Last nights function was brill,we met up with some old faces and a few new ones and caught up on life,love n all that sort of stuff,Mass n Mrs Mass were looking very happy and there was a lot of love in the room i can tell ya,A steady hand was needed for some good pics but i ain’t got one so this snap just aint gunna make it into the wedding album.

With permission of the bride n groom( n Sid on the right) i get to show ya this one. A good do all in, the snap was spot on and the company was not to be missed,no sign of my bro though,i thought he would be there!As the room was full of love we nipped away to share some of our own before the end so he may have turned up who knows? The bar staff could have done with working rather than mucking about though….

I hope there will be a shit load of good times ahead for the both of them.

Ain’t love grand .

2 Responses to “Can you feel the love?”

  1. mas Says:

    cheers,mr & mrs B,thanks for your generousity and an even bigger thanks for being there.A letter of complaint will be on it`s way to Rushcliffe borough council mainly for running out of beer, lager and cider by 10.15 and the wine went about 10.30 the optics went at 10.45.I thought the cake collapsing whilst we were cutting it was quality(Ang had the knife upside down), big laugh.I turned up in a ferrari to early and no one was there to see my entrance(damn).we had picnic in the park after the vows which was brill (champagne and sandwiches).all in all we had a fabulous day.once again many thanks to all.

  2. barnze Says:

    A good do i reckon mate.I had a feeling you would have been pissed off with the bar..Missed you in the ferrari but then again as we landed the helecopter on the playing fields owing to not having permission to use the police landing pad you missed our entrance.

    Catch up with ya on the next garden party at Mass hall.

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