Tell me straight doc,how long have i got?

Over the past three week i have had a pain in my left shoulder and a tingling down my arm,i thought i had a trapped nerve so i left it to sort it’s self out,Today i went to the doctors and after  he advised the Lancet of my condition he agreed with my diagnosis and prescribed some pills,Ain’t doctors fantastic eh? I also am booked in for some minor surgery to remove a cyst from my shoulder and on letting Mrs B know the outcome of my visit i was left with no sympathy at all….Is that unfair or what? I need gifts to make me feel better!

The old standby of chips tonight on the menu,with chicken strips and a bucket of tea,what with all this pain i’m in (i don’t like to complain) i can just about manage it.No honest i can cope without being a burden, i will just keep biting down on a piece of leather.

Anyroad enough of that as i am off for a brew (And a tablet) and a lie down..

Take care out there dear reader.

6 Responses to “Tell me straight doc,how long have i got?”

  1. Jinks Writes and rewrites Says:

    Hey Barnze:
    How long do you have? well, having worked for physicians for 8 years now…its usually 90 days before they send some thug to collect…lol

    Its refreshing to hear a man admit he could use a little sympathy. Now don’t be offended, but its something women generally reserve for other women and children….why? well for starters women have asked that question (how long do I have?) since puberty and it begins with menses, then child birth, which involves removal of a 6-10 pound cyst (if you will) through a tiny opening which never quite expands to accomodate, then its on to “How long do I have?” before it wakes up, is wet, is sick, its hungry…..this last 24/7 for atleast the next 18 years…..and its how long do I have to….(you name it) before dinner must be made, house cleaned, marketing done… get what I mean……suffice it to say that women just don’t have time to ask….(how long do I have) they just know……its never enough time to get it all done…… relax, pamper yourself….you have a lot longer than you think…..and if you don’t mind this old broad saying so…….from what I’ve read of you…….I’ll venture to say Mrs. B thnks your a “Keeper”.

  2. barnze Says:

    Well that’s me done on that subject then…..I must say i tried last night to gain a bit but no chance,Im off to get intouch with my feminine side.

    cheers for that..Nice one.

  3. AuntJackie Says:

    I second what Jinks said and say Cheers to a long and healthy life for the B’s!!! They all seem like ‘keepers’ 🙂

  4. I Told the Cat… « Grumbling Tummy Says:

    […] RSS newsfeed so you don’t miss all the cool stuff going on here. Thanks for visiting!… that Barnze had hurt his shoulder and this was its […]

  5. sidebackwards Says:

    Barnze, have you tried visiting a chiropractor? Sorted my dodgy back out in no time and currently doing a bit of work on my gammy shoulders

  6. barnze Says:

    @ Sidebackwards..Thats an idea,These pills i was given ain’t done a great deal yet,and as i am over compensating the pain with adjustments to my neck i am wandering around like something out a a zombie film…

    All the best to Mr E by the way.

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