Lashing down.

Rain,now’t but rain all day n all last night,i love it,reminds me of when i was a kid, we had rhymes for making more or less rain depending on what was going on,If you were going on a day out somewhere good and you wanted the rain to stop you sang “Rain rain go away,come back another day” and if you wanted more rain you sang “Alley alley aster,rain rain faster” mind you needless to say it never worked.

Anyroad a good shift last night so all is well at the factory,our shift boss was back after a fortnights holiday and was gobsmacked at some new procedures we are now following,us on the shop floor stay as we are just a bit extra work for him,we can’t grumble,but he did! Hey it’s all down to the extra shilling ain’t it?

Right then i’m due in a bit earlier at the factory tonight so i’m off for a brew before i leave,Those of you here in Hood Town who have the weekend off can sing the rhyme of your choice depending on what you have on for the rest of the weekend,me i’m “Alley alley aster”.

Take care out there.

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