Ready for a pint.

Two more shifts n i can dive into a nice cold one,it’s one of the good thing about the night shift,after 6 of um your ready for a pint and a good meal.

We were one man down from the team last night as Spike had the shift off with toothache,mind you had been scrounging painkillers for a few days so we knew he was suffering,but a quiet night saw us get through without him so no probs. I reckon toothache is one of the worst pains ya can get apart from a trapped nerve in ya shoulder that is.

It’s young Master Bs birthday next Monday so we are getting him a load of driving lessons as a gift it will be good to see him pass his driving test buy a car and load all his stuff in it n drive off to his own place..Much as i love him i reckon his bedroom would make a great study. Lets hope he is off to a mates for the weekend as Me n Mrs B are both off and it’s good to have Barnze Towers to ourselves every now n then.

Lashed it down again last night with more to come so that puts restrictions on our weekend outing so it looks like a nice romantic place for a meal and a bit of holding hands,lets hope there are no celebs lobbing knives n forks all over the place eh?

Anyroad i’m off to lob stones at the local pussy posse,have a good one dear reader and take care.

One Response to “Ready for a pint.”

  1. AuntJackie Says:

    That’s the cutest cat photo–lol Even though I know it’s violent and ‘against’ the poor creatures–you know how I feel about cats, but that’s o.k. because I accept you for the wonderful Barnze I know you to be 🙂

    Wow, I had some catching up to do over here… been mucho busy 😦

    Have a happy week.

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