Only 12 hours to do..

Ahh the last shift of the week n 6 days off to come,not a bad working week what with some quiet times and some mad bits scattered through it,poor old young Spike is still off work with the tooth ache so we were still a man down last night but tonight we have a shift cover bloke in,bad news is he is from Derby and is allus going on about football (wasted on the rest of us as we don’t give a fuck) but an extra pair of hands is usefull and he is easy to wind up so all is good in the hood.

All in it’s good to finish the week and get some quality time with the lovely Mrs B ,if you were me you would be doing a jig!

I reckon i shall be taking the lovely Mrs B to that little French place we went to some time last year for a meal during the weekend,Good food and a nice place for a quiet chat and a bit of hand holding,And just up the road from The Bell so we can nip in there for one for the road…Nice!

Anyroad i gotta get ready for the last shift in the snake pit so i’m off,take care you lot!

3 Responses to “Only 12 hours to do..”

  1. Lumpfish Says:

    there’s gold in them thar hills

  2. Four Dinners Says:

    Not surprised you don’t give a fuck if he goes on about Derby!

    Now Oldham Athletic is another matter…..

    Wish us luck against Blackpool in’t 1st Division play-offs tomorrow. We need all the luck there is and then some…

  3. barnze Says:

    @ lumpfish.. can ya hear the banjos playing?

    @ 4D i have decided to become an Oldham supporter in name only as i don’t do footy,Just so i can slag the rams fan off.. Lets hope all goes well in the play offs mate.

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