Well another year under the belt for young master B,19 already and this past year has seen him split up from his girlfriend and get his drink spiked (worrying time for all that was) being 19 ain’t all it’s bulled up to be i reckon,Mind you when i was that age back in 76 we were spiking our own drinks,how mad is that,then again they were mad times,you could see a band for 2 quid then and it’s more like 50 quid now,oh and the haircuts were a bit of an eye opener back then. Anyroad happy birthday mate i hope the things you want out of life come to you without much pain and remember even daft old cunts like me have been there!

A bulk buy of driving lessons as a gift for him so that has chuffed him,tell ya what though he will have to buy his own car,that has pissed him off! Hey as my dad used to say “I aint made of bleeding money!”

I had planned to get into town today to get some new boots but as i stayed up till 2 last night watching Hostel i dint get up till 11 ish so thats out the window for today,maybe tomorrow eh! That hostel had some good effects in it but i reckon it was mostly a soft porn film,Not brill but it entertained me!

Anyroad time for me to get up the shops for some snap,I hope your weekend was a good one,here in Hood Town we have another murder to add to the roll of shame .

Take care.

5 Responses to “19.”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    Happy Birthday to him. 19 eh? Hope he remembers later on. 17 through to 24 is a bit of a blur for me. Jax is 18 in October and says she wants a nice car. Got a garage I use gives me good deals. Have to do some overtime though now. Goes against the grain does that.

  2. barnze Says:

    They dont want much eh,When i was 21 my folks gave me 21 quid n a fucking tankard,brill eh?

    I blurred up until about 26!!!!

    punk aint dead it just reached 50.

  3. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    Happy Birthday young Master Barnze!

  4. AuntJackie Says:

    Happy Birthday Lil B… 🙂

    Yeah don’t feel alone Mempho had it’s usual stabbing and some guy shot to death in his car… doesn’t do well for my Mom to watch the news she says don’t drive through that neighborhood, and I say “Doesn’t matter which way I go, stuff happens all over.”

    We can only cross our fingers and hit the gas…

    Have a good one and stay safe… J

  5. barnze Says:

    All quiet here in Hood Town at the moment (Touch wood) and like you say no matter where ya go shit happens. Take care.

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