God help the mister who comes between me n my cyster.

Today i say goodbye to the cyst on my back,i have grown attached to it over the years and it will be missed but it’s going!

Me n the lovely Mrs B are off bowling tonight with a meal to follow paid for by Mrs B the loser but as i will have just come out of post op i am not sure how my game will be,hey any excuse for a shit game will do me.As i remember the humble pie tasted ok the last time we bowled.

The Chopper bike is 40 years old now,mind you i never had one,i was more your bodged 3 bikes in one as i never was much for biking ,i spent most of my youth up trees.Another local icon gone overseas Raleigh bikes were the biz when i was a kid,Happy birthday chopper.

Right i’m off to get under the knife,If i don’t make it back remember me kindly.

Take care.

3 Responses to “God help the mister who comes between me n my cyster.”

  1. cappy Says:

    i never had a chopper, never even had a chipper.
    i wanted a bmx, i was bought a racing bike. then the parental unit went wild as i bent the forks doing everything i would have done on a bmx.

    that’ll teach em. only it didn’t!

  2. barnze Says:


  3. barnze Says:

    hey Cappy sort out your blogs comments box to allow other blog users (WordPress) to leave comments will ya,i fall for it to often not being able to leave owt.

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