Adding insult to injury….

Well it has been a tough week i can tell ya…I got my arse kicked at bowling,I got man flu and felt as rough as fuck,and the working week has been a bastard but i made it!!

I had a call from my tribunal man with an insulting offer to call the tribunal off,not happy with that so No Deal,Then another offer insulting me even more so No Deal,Now we are only a few days away from the day in court and i am well looking forward to it!

Barnze says “We all have a price”!

Mrs B has the same flu like symptoms as me and the added bonus of an aching tooth so we have both been sleeping badly this week and are both well ready for a week on the boat kicking back n doing as little as poss for a bit,Only a few weeks till that comes around ! It never fails to recharge the body batteries does a week on the water,Mind you for a full recharge a week in the cottage in the peaks really does ya some good so i reckon we will be off up there soon un all.

The end of my last shift was lifted yesterday with a call from Mrs B saying she would be meeting me in the Bell for a swift one before going home,Always a good way to end the working week i reckon!

Anyroad i’m off for a brew,Have a good one those of you with good intent,The rest of you can fuck off!

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4 Responses to “Adding insult to injury….”

  1. John A Thomson Says:

    You must have a reasonable case, with a good chance of a win, for them to making you offers to settle.

    Hey the tribunal could well end up giving you a fiver and your old job back :-).

  2. barnze Says:

    Just admitting i was unfairly dismissed will do me,But i feel sure my loss of earnings and a few quid compo will make me feel a bit better,They did wrong and caused me a shit load of grief for fuck all and now it’s time to get it put right. I have informed my man that no more offers would be considered..Well 20 grand would see me drop the case but they ain’t got long to get the offer in.
    As for getting my old job would be impossible for me to work with those people again as they have made it untenable since november last year,as you may recall they started their campaign around that time .

    20 grand and i walk away..

  3. Jinks Writes and rewrites Says:

    Hey Barnze,

    Hope you are feeling better soon. You’ve been in good company with this flu, had it myself since Thursday and spent our Memorial Holiday nursing it with Vitamin C and cold/sinus meds……I suspect its just good and damn time to take a vacation. Regarding your case, sounds like they screwed up royally, hope you do walk with good amount. Have one for me when you go to the Bell again. Jinks.

  4. barnze Says:

    Still a bit snotty here but getting better every day now. Next one in the Bell on friday so i shall tell the bar staff to bill you!

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