Open wide…..

Mrs B is at the dentist’s today before going into the office so hopefully that will sort one of her ailments out,as for the the man flu i am feeling a bit better today so thats a good thing.

Some bad shit going on again here in Hood town as a young girl gets stabbed with a syringe  in the market square and a boy of 6 gets raped by a youth a well fucked up place we live in eh?

Some good stuff going on unall as it’s the final day for the bid to get  50 million quid from the lottery board for Sherwood forest i hope we get it as the forest is one of my favorite places to walk in, though the major oak ain’t looking all that good nowadays the place is still a boon to Nottingham and a place that calls be back time after time.

Anyroad you stay safe out there wherever you might be,I gotta get the washing sorted and the dinner to prepare so i’m off.

Take care those of you with good intent,The others can fuck off!

One Response to “Open wide…..”

  1. Jay Says:

    I used to be so scared of going to the dentist, not anymore.

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