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Just what it say’s…..

June 29, 2007

Cheers to Dan for the inspiration.. Asshat is the word!

Hello to you all at Tango Hotel.

June 29, 2007

I don’t know about the rest of you out there but i get some good information from my site monitor,You know the sort of thing,who visits,for how long,what they look at,that sort of thing and i have to say that certain folks pop up on a regular basis leaving me with the stalked feeling.I just can’t work out what they expect to find but between the lines it’s all here for um.Ya just gotta break the code…

Perhaps i should make it easy for um to glean the info they are looking for by inviting any questions they want answered..Well what do ya wanna know?

Fuck all came the answer as expected,as they know who they are they know that my arse is always available for kissing!

I was thinking of banning um from the site a few months back but instead i record their visits and have begun to enjoy seeing um on the log.Like an old friend now meeting Monday to Friday at various times of the day,Nipping in with the hope of a mention or a snippet of news,I hope i keep um entertained with my day to day bullshit!

As they will be reading this very soon a personal message goes out to them….

You sad bastards!

They ain’t all bad.

June 29, 2007

Open wide….

June 29, 2007

Well i must say i feel a lot better about the dentists after going in today,The chap i saw put me at ease and was very understanding of my problem with dentists on the whole, After a bit of poking about and discussing the best plan of action i came out with some pills to fight the infection and an appointment for Thursday to get the offending tooth ripped out,Bad news as we are off on holiday on Friday so i hope there ain’t too much pain after.

Tell ya what though just sitting in the waiting room had beads of sweat on my forehead  and when it was my turn to go in i shot straight in then saw the chair and all the tools on a rack,i nearly shit myself..daft i know but that’s how it is,hospitals are fine but dentists really ain’t my cup of tea,But like i said the chap was ok about it after i explained my fears to him and though i’m not looking forward to the next visit i reckon i don’t fear it..A milestone for me,Hey i’m well hard me,i do dentist n everyfink. All thanks to dentist,he changed my view of the whole thing.

Now i am just waiting for the antibiotics to  start working on the infection. Do you know i can’t think when the fear set it but it must have been well over 30 years ago,perhaps a bad experience or something,i can’t remember when or what it was but i am well on the road to sorting out my teeth now..i am well chuffed.

Anyroad enough of that for now as i got shit to do,pills to take n pain to bare…

Have a good one.

An hour to go….

June 29, 2007

I am just waiting for the clock to tick over to 12 them i’m off up to the set of saw 4  dentists to get sorted,after a bit of checking around with mates they reckon i will just get some pills to take the infection down and i will have to go back to get the work done so i’m feeling a bit better about it though i still haven’t got through the doors yet.  Still got a juff like i have been smacked by Tyson and the pain is raging on so anything to sort it is ok by me.

Makes me wonder how many time i will have to go till they sort out all my problem teeth as i have at least  3 buggered uns,best result for me would be a rip out and reinstall of new ones in one go,Gets it out of the way in one hit but i know that ain’t how it’s gunna go!

Ahh well i suppose i had better get off up there..If i don’t post later i probably died in the chair.

Have a good one and take care.

An offer i can’t refuse.. You can’t handle the tooth!

June 28, 2007

No sign of a horses head as i woke up this afternoon but a good resemblance to Don Vito Corleone as my face is all swollen..Yep infection has set in forcing me to book into the dentists,it takes a lot to get me to go but the pain has got top side of me this time,I have had to call into the factory to let them know i am not fit for work tonight and they wished me well with my appointment tomorrow though i ain’t looking forward to it one bit,and what with the jibbing from Mas and Jackie about dentists i feel shit!

Mind you after three bad sleeps i shall be well chuffed to be rid of the pain and the swelling,The fear of dentists can be overcome with the right amount of pain,though saying that i have a dry throat and a nervous twitch just thinking about it now!

Anyroad i am banging pain killers down me to keep the edge off the pain and now i just have to get my head around getting into the dentists..maybe the pain will go and i wont have to see um eh?

Right i’m off to listen to some soothing music in a darkened room..Wish me luck!

Them again..6 hits today..

June 27, 2007

see ya in a bit eh!

Pussy and a little head..

June 27, 2007

Not that sort of pussy…Evil bastards them cats…

Pain…It hurts…

June 27, 2007


We once again my teeth are giving me grief,Fuck me if i only got 4 hours sleep today after constantly waking up in pain,I reckon i’ts time to get it ripped out but finding a dentist that does what you ask is not easy as i don’t do dentists,A bit like Clowns,Nuns n Dwarfs i reckon EVIL..But i gotta get this pain sorted.

One of our team got a cut last night on his hand..Not a big one but due to infection risk he went to see the medic,He got some shit in there so he had to have a jab and got sent home so i reckon that’s him done for the rest of the week,bad luck mate i hope it don’t go the wrong road.. Bad news when someone gets hurt at work even with all the PPE we wear sometimes the job still manages to bite back..Get well soon mate.

Anyroad i’m gunna see if i can grab an hours kip before getting ready for the 5th stint of the week. Have a good one dear reader and stay safe out there.

Why are you here?

June 26, 2007

The unwanted are leaving shit on the mat again..