The final furlong.

As if the week could not get any tougher at the factory..Another cow son of a shift and still a man down…A bit like all in wrestling without a ref,A lot cooler than yesterday though as the skies were clear and a good breeze picked up early in the morning so we took advantage of that.
Thank fuck it’s the last shift tonight,i am well looking forward to the bowling & with a bit of luck the lovely Mrs B may turn up later in the proceedings so hopefully she will give me a hand to carry home the trophy. Mind you my game had been shite the last time we bowled together and i am running out of ailments to blame it on so i hope the rest of the team are on form.

Hang on…..I just got a paper cut on my finger…that could affect my game on Wednesday..Well it could!

Anyroad i’m offf to catch up on a bit of tele,Have a good one dear reader and take care.

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