The ultimate gangster.

I was well chuffed to read that another film about Robin Hood is to be made albeit with a new spin on the story,Owt to do with Bob Hood is ok by me,And i have enjoyed all the past films about him though Errol Flynn is my favorite big screen hood i reckon Costner came a close second.

Talking of Bob Hood has got me thinking that it must soon be time for another season of Robin Hood from the BBC soon,Come on beeb bring it on,In fact a shit load of new summer viewing should be on it’s way..I like tele me!

Even with a new spin…..

I love that picture!

Anyroad i am off to the bowling alley as the Go-Lightlys attempt to smash the shit out of the Pin Crushers and what with the lovely Mrs B dropping by later (She is working away today) i hope to be supping out of the victory cup yet again,Mind you this paper cut ain’t quite healed up yet…

Have a good one and Stay Safe.

4 Responses to “The ultimate gangster.”

  1. cappy Says:

    “costner came a close second”

    what? from dover via the great wall of china?

  2. Jay Says:

    Costner, no way!

  3. Auntie Jaxxx Says:

    I think I saw that guy in the second photo down the street in Memphis there…loL!

  4. barnze Says:

    Costner wern’t a bad Bob Hood,Mind you Richard Greene is the man!!!

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