The smoking sausage!

Me n the lovely Mrs B popped into Bunter’s cafe on Parliament street yesterday,Now when i worked just up the road from it a few years back i was a regular visitor for one of their sausage cobs,So nipping in yesterday for a Full English was a flash back,A top class brecky and the sausages are still some of the best to be had in a greasy Lil’s anywhere. Sad thing is what will happen to it after the smoking ban comes on line?? The place is just built for a brecky and a couple of fags i reckon.

Makes me wonder where all the blokes in hi viz vests will get there snap after the ban kicks in ?

Anyroad i’m off for a fag..

2 Responses to “The smoking sausage!”

  1. farmer_dave Says:

    i used to pop in to that cafe for a bacon cob and they were good as well, not been in there for ages meself next time iam in town i might just pop in for a cob,

  2. cappy Says:

    i gave up smoking over two years ago. best thing i ever did etc etc, but i am totally with all smokers on this thing.
    with all the tax that has to be paid on every pack of cigs, you should be able to smoke wherever the fuck you want!

    fucking dudley do right pc brigade! you pays your money, you takes your choice, whether that be smoking, drinking, or whatever it is thats got their collective plus fours and flannelette nighties in a twist this week.

    enjoy your smokes matey, while you still can.

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