Signing for the deaf..

As i was up early this morning i had a flick through the tv channels to find that most of um had a little bloke in the bottom right corner signing for the deaf…..Do deaf folks watch tele at 5 in the morning????

How come that little bloke only works a night shift eh?

I would have posted a picture but the system here at the factory has gone down,hey we all go down for a no picture…Weather is shite and forcast for more shite to come so it’s a good time to be working and i need all the crap weather to have been and gone by the time me n the lovely Mrs B cast off for a weeks chill.

Have a good one dear reader and keep ya nuts dry.

7 Responses to “Signing for the deaf..”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    On a charity bike ride to Brighton tomorrow. Couldn’t give a toss if it rains as I’m driving the mini-bus.

    Me?? Cycle?? To Brighton?? Get real.

  2. barnze Says:

    The easy option…nice n dry!

  3. OGO Says:

    Hey Barnze! Good luck on fair weather!

  4. The Lathe Says:

    Hey C. Dont forget you can be had for being drunk in charge of a boat trust me I know !!!
    Have a great time mate.

  5. barnze Says:

    Never get too fuzzy when i’m the skipper mate..

  6. cappy Says:

    funniest thing ever, watching mtv with sign language!
    the women on there are absolutely hanging!

  7. barnze Says:


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