If the shoe fits…..

Mrs B is off on a shopping spree after work today to pick up some holiday clothes,And as she bust the heel on her boots the other day she has to buy some compensation footwear (Her words not mine) unall,beats me why lady’s have to have loads of shoes though,oh and if they buy shoes they have to get a new bag to match them and of course the outfit has to match the shoes and the bag then comes the hair cut to finish off…how the fuck that works i’ll never know?

Enjoy the shopping lovely!

Only 7 shifts to work before it’s holiday time so i am well into wind down mode now and well looking forward to it and the search for the summer sun bathe holiday is ongoing (Cheers for the invite Ken but we need a pool).What with having 22 days holiday this year opposed to 16 last year we can slot in an extra week away in the English countryside so that’s a bonus.

After last weeks cat attack on one of our feeding tables we have to get a new table due to it getting knocked down and broken,time to put a few paintballs in the freezer again i reckon as next doors cat still insists on nipping in our garden for a shit,a well aimed paintball deters the bastards for a while….

Anyroad i’m off to sprinkle some broken glass under my fuscia tree..Have a good one.

2 Responses to “If the shoe fits…..”

  1. Skytower Says:

    Where did you get that photo of Mrs Skytower’s shoe wardrobe from?!?

  2. barnze Says:

    Ahh i see Mrs S is of a similar mind to Mrs B, What is it with women n shoes?

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