Rip van winkle..

Well that was a hard working week i can tell ya,i have been very tired and have often gone to bed early due to me not feeling all that good but woke today fresh after a solid 11 hours sleep,i aint felt like that for years!

Mind you i did get some good feed back and appreciation from the boss (Which is nice) about my performance since i have been at the factory and it looks like i made the right choice to work for them,i have always enjoyed a new challenge so no probs with me adapting to new systems. Another license under my belt with a training course on it’s way so all is going well.

I have had a letter from the hospital about the removal of my cyst so i am in process of booking the appointment for surgery (I reckon i would look good in one of those gowns) so me n my cyst will be parting company very soon,after the hols though as i want the cyst to have a weeks chill before ending up on display in the museum of medical curiosities.

Anyroad i am off for a brew and a bit of biz to do so more bollocks later eh.

Have a good one most of you, Stay safe.

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