Over here son,on me head.


More stuff about the new footy stadium on the BBCs site today and another piece on the Evening posts site stating that we here in Clifton want this thing on our door steps.. I can only hope it boosts the house prices so i can sell at a massive profit and bugger off with a wad in my pockets.  As i don’t do footy it makes no odds where they stick the new ground but to loose a patch of green to build it just up the road from me makes me a NIMBY  we need shops not a football stadium!

Mind you with master B being in the construction trade i feel sure he would want to grab a few years work out of it! Perhaps if they knocked down the Co-Op and built on that ground i would feel better!

Even worse for my Bro who has been a County fan all his life to have that ground just up the road would stick in his craw,Lets hope it never happens eh bro?

Moving out to the countryside has got a bit closer to happening i can tell ya!

Have a good one..

5 Responses to “Over here son,on me head.”

  1. John A Thomson Says:

    Don’t they need a decent team way before a new stadium!

    They’ve got the cheek to say it has local community support but not one local community member/group has been quoted on their website. What spin!

  2. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill Says:

    City ground to stay where it is!

    Off topic: wrote a blog bout Trent Bridge inspired by a post of yours some time ago.

    Take care.

  3. barnze Says:

    John,I don’t know much about footy but my bro says forest are shit….
    Nice one Dan i shall nip over and take a look.

  4. Four Dinners Says:

    For your Bro.

    As a lifelong maniacal Oldham Athletic supporter – amended dates due to this odd obsession include my wedding day, my dads funeral and my bro-in-law refusing to speak to me for 2 years due to ignoring his birthday bash in favour of Oldham vs Brentford (and quite right too as we won) I have the deepest empathy with your bro.

    The thought of Wigan Athletic building a ground at the end of my road – unlikely living in Hayes Middlesex I grant you – is one that would push me over the edge.

    Letter bombs, various sabotage tactics, mini-nukes and suicide bombings all spring to mind.

    The mentallity of a true supporter is understood only by true supporters.

    ie – we are nuts.

  5. barnze Says:

    I can’t wait to hear those folks shouting “Who are ya” in our streets…..NOT!

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