The unwanted.


5 Responses to “The unwanted.”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    there’s just so many it applies to….well seein as it repeats itself I could sit for hours watching it and thinking

    Bush, Blair, Mandelson, Bin Laden and then onto work….

    This boss, that boss, the other boss….

    right…off to get tonights grub

  2. barnze Says:

    Ad infinitum…..Shops for me unall.

  3. Pinksy Says:

    Who the hell are they?

  4. Cind Says:

    Well, I’ve just finished me post and thought I’d check your blog – I think that would be taking it a bit far meself (better to go for the cortizone me thinks) ;-}

  5. barnze Says:

    @ Pinksy..They are the unwanted..The unwelcome ..The undead…

    @ Cind..The cortizone works for me..

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