Tele cable sorted n a good job unall as it’s pissing down again,Floods up the road as the Trent fills up,mind you we are of up on the hill.

odd thing tonight as my old Boss from a factory i worked at came into our place,he was well chuffed to see me and we had a brief chat before he had to bugger off,It was good to see him again after all those years.
I reckon it’s good to catch up with old bosses just to see how they treat you when they ain’t the gaffer anymore,Good thing was Dave respected me now as he did when i worked for him.Good ta see ya mate…He hated anyone calling him mate!

Anyroad here i am in the factory canteen waiting on my bacon n tomato sanger as it’s snap time,The rest of the crew are having pizza but as the lovely Mrs B cooked up a corking roast this afternoon i just need a bit to get me through (Young single blokes seem to miss out on the finer things of life.) till morning.

Ay up my sanger is read so i’m off.

Stay safe and keep dry…

4 Responses to “Sorted…”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    ex bosses eh? Met an ex boss a few years back. He was high up the ladder but a genuine bloke for all that. When I met him he was driving for the NHS. Getting old sick people to hospital and such like. I said “Charity work mate?” he said “No. A new breed of manager arrived and I was history in weeks. This is all I could get. No room for decency in business anymore”.

    Sign of the times

  2. cappy Says:

    have i missed the result of your tribunal?
    hope alls well, sorry i’ve been a bit busy!

  3. barnze Says:

    The sign of the times indeed 4D….

    Cappy due to legal matters i am unable to comment on that at this juncture in time…. 🙂

  4. cappy Says:

    thats cool. totally understand.
    my disciplinary period ended today.
    still got to behave though! not a problem.

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