You know how actors mention “The scottish play” rather than say “Macbeth” to avoid bad luck,well i just found that in certain parts of the factory it’s bad luck to say “It’s quiet” as uttering those words brings on a shit storm of work and a slap around ya head..Shan’t be doing that again.

Not that i have ever been one for that sort of thing,i mean i have broken many a mirror,walked under ladders and lobbed loads of stones at passing black cats so i must have enough bad luck to last 10 lifetimes.. On the other hand i have had ladybirds land on me,found loads of pennies and picked up pins so i must have balanced it out over the years eh?

Best bit of luck is meeting the lovely Mrs B,Now that’s magic!

So no mention of the “Q” word in that department again eh?

Oh and you were right Mal,The bad penny did turn up,only to be turned away again!

Anyroad i’m off to rub a rabbits foot n all that,Have a good one dear reader and be lucky!

Barnze says ” Break a leg

2 Responses to “Superstition..”

  1. Janet Says:

    send some of that good luck my way, won’t you?

  2. barnze Says:

    Have some,I get lucky most weeks in one way or another,my son has a lucky head and a quick rub on that sees us right!

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