An offer i can’t refuse.. You can’t handle the tooth!

No sign of a horses head as i woke up this afternoon but a good resemblance to Don Vito Corleone as my face is all swollen..Yep infection has set in forcing me to book into the dentists,it takes a lot to get me to go but the pain has got top side of me this time,I have had to call into the factory to let them know i am not fit for work tonight and they wished me well with my appointment tomorrow though i ain’t looking forward to it one bit,and what with the jibbing from Mas and Jackie about dentists i feel shit!

Mind you after three bad sleeps i shall be well chuffed to be rid of the pain and the swelling,The fear of dentists can be overcome with the right amount of pain,though saying that i have a dry throat and a nervous twitch just thinking about it now!

Anyroad i am banging pain killers down me to keep the edge off the pain and now i just have to get my head around getting into the dentists..maybe the pain will go and i wont have to see um eh?

Right i’m off to listen to some soothing music in a darkened room..Wish me luck!

4 Responses to “An offer i can’t refuse.. You can’t handle the tooth!”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    Same here.

    Caz got me to hers years back. Gave me valium n knocked me out. Weaned me onto lower doses n now don’t need it. Trust me, if they start by knocking you out and build a slow trust up it (almost) stops the fear.

    Good luck mate

  2. Cind Says:

    Good luck Barnze – I feel sick just thinkin’ about it ;-}

  3. farmer_dave Says:

    i put off going to the dentists for almost 3 years but the pain in the end got so bad i had to go, but i didnt mind going in the end as when i was laying on the dentists chair i got a nice face full of this woman dentists tit so i was happy

  4. barnze Says:

    Going in today..A couple of hours n it will be over..

    Tits are the last thing on my mind..

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