An hour to go….

I am just waiting for the clock to tick over to 12 them i’m off up to the set of saw 4  dentists to get sorted,after a bit of checking around with mates they reckon i will just get some pills to take the infection down and i will have to go back to get the work done so i’m feeling a bit better about it though i still haven’t got through the doors yet.  Still got a juff like i have been smacked by Tyson and the pain is raging on so anything to sort it is ok by me.

Makes me wonder how many time i will have to go till they sort out all my problem teeth as i have at least  3 buggered uns,best result for me would be a rip out and reinstall of new ones in one go,Gets it out of the way in one hit but i know that ain’t how it’s gunna go!

Ahh well i suppose i had better get off up there..If i don’t post later i probably died in the chair.

Have a good one and take care.

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