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June 26, 2007

You know how actors mention “The scottish play” rather than say “Macbeth” to avoid bad luck,well i just found that in certain parts of the factory it’s bad luck to say “It’s quiet” as uttering those words brings on a shit storm of work and a slap around ya head..Shan’t be doing that again.

Not that i have ever been one for that sort of thing,i mean i have broken many a mirror,walked under ladders and lobbed loads of stones at passing black cats so i must have enough bad luck to last 10 lifetimes.. On the other hand i have had ladybirds land on me,found loads of pennies and picked up pins so i must have balanced it out over the years eh?

Best bit of luck is meeting the lovely Mrs B,Now that’s magic!

So no mention of the “Q” word in that department again eh?

Oh and you were right Mal,The bad penny did turn up,only to be turned away again!

Anyroad i’m off to rub a rabbits foot n all that,Have a good one dear reader and be lucky!

Barnze says ” Break a leg

Latin thought of the week.

June 25, 2007

Cur non isti mictum ex occasione?

A bit damp.

June 25, 2007

I got abso fucking lootly piss wet through this morning going home,talk about rain!!! What with the forecast looking grim for the next 10 days it looks like we are in for a lot more,Good job we are boating soon as the whole country will be accessible to us eh?

A nice quiet start to the working week as the factory ticks over at a steady pace,just what ya need on the lead up to ya holidays i reckon,time goes fast when ya feel as good as i do right now!

Anyroad i’m off for a shower and i’m getting my parka out again as my jacket is still damp n that. I hope you had a good weekend dear reader and it ain’t lashing down where you are.

Oh before i go check out my mate Dans nude advert,Nice work if ya can get it i reckon. He got to work on the Strongbow advert then tells me he don’t like cider,Send all the free stuff my way mate.

Take care and stay safe out there.


June 24, 2007

Tele cable sorted n a good job unall as it’s pissing down again,Floods up the road as the Trent fills up,mind you we are of up on the hill.

odd thing tonight as my old Boss from a factory i worked at came into our place,he was well chuffed to see me and we had a brief chat before he had to bugger off,It was good to see him again after all those years.
I reckon it’s good to catch up with old bosses just to see how they treat you when they ain’t the gaffer anymore,Good thing was Dave respected me now as he did when i worked for him.Good ta see ya mate…He hated anyone calling him mate!

Anyroad here i am in the factory canteen waiting on my bacon n tomato sanger as it’s snap time,The rest of the crew are having pizza but as the lovely Mrs B cooked up a corking roast this afternoon i just need a bit to get me through (Young single blokes seem to miss out on the finer things of life.) till morning.

Ay up my sanger is read so i’m off.

Stay safe and keep dry…


June 24, 2007

The unwanted.

June 22, 2007

Well would you fucking credit it?

June 22, 2007

Me n master B have just noticed a pool of water coming from under our tele,after checking it out it seems we have a hole in our satellite  cable,you know the co-axial cable from the dish to the box,Well it’s acting as a straw and feeding rain down to the box,not safe i reckon…anyroad we are calling the company to get it fixed asap.How fucked up is that? It’s a wonder the tele dint blow up!!!!

A change of plan for tonight as it’s bombing down we have knocked going out on the town on the head,It’s crap out there,absolutely lashing it down  lets face it if it floods ya tele it’s time to stay indoors!

Anyroad i’m off to pump out the wine cellar!

Have a good one and  take care out there.

Man the pumps.

June 22, 2007

Yet again more rain we will be webbed footed if it carries on,Mind you i reckon it will all be gone by the time we get aboard our boat so bring it on…

Off out into Hood Town tonight for a few beers and a bite to eat, i ain’t got a booking but as we eat early there should be no problem and of course the rain keeps folks away.That picture above is the embankment wall at Trent bridge and it’s used as a marker for floods,We have had some good ones over the years and i reckon we will be having another if it keeps on raining…

Anyroad i’m off to build an ark,Have a good one dear reader the rest of you can kiss my arse.

The longest day…No not the movie.

June 21, 2007

It’s the summer solstice today making it the longest day,a bit short on summer here in hood town as it’s overcast and i can’t get my washing out to dry! ok for them druids though as they get to worship up at Stonehenge today, a bit like us Jedi are them lot.

I reckon you can’t beat a bit of nature and to go as far as worship is ok by me,Mind you i must say some of those druids do look like they have walked off the set of the lord of the rings. Never met one but i do know a couple of pagans and they seem ok, but i don’t know if they dress up for ceremonies or owt like that?

Anyroad have a good solstice you druids and the rest of us can enjoy the day without the robes.

I’m off to hug a tree.

Over here son,on me head.

June 21, 2007


More stuff about the new footy stadium on the BBCs site today and another piece on the Evening posts site stating that we here in Clifton want this thing on our door steps.. I can only hope it boosts the house prices so i can sell at a massive profit and bugger off with a wad in my pockets.  As i don’t do footy it makes no odds where they stick the new ground but to loose a patch of green to build it just up the road from me makes me a NIMBY  we need shops not a football stadium!

Mind you with master B being in the construction trade i feel sure he would want to grab a few years work out of it! Perhaps if they knocked down the Co-Op and built on that ground i would feel better!

Even worse for my Bro who has been a County fan all his life to have that ground just up the road would stick in his craw,Lets hope it never happens eh bro?

Moving out to the countryside has got a bit closer to happening i can tell ya!

Have a good one..