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Coo eeeeee….

July 31, 2007

you unwelcome twats..

End of a good week

July 31, 2007

Last shift today and i am feeling good,mind you a dentist visit later but i reckon that will be the end of my treatment so all is good.

Time booked off from the factory for the September hols ( somewhere on a Spanish island i think) and the sun is shining..Things don’t get much better.

Well perhaps they do…

More stabbings here in Hood Town and another …Mind ya backs!

Have a good one.

P.S The dentist went home sick just before i got there..How lucky am i???Next appointment not till September…Nice!

Happy days..

July 29, 2007

Sunshine,Steady shift,Cold beer in the fridge and the lovely Mrs B waiting for me at home.

Ain’t life brill……….


July 26, 2007

Hard shift,Sore jaw,One man down,Rough n tumble,The love of Mrs B,I am a lucky bastard!

Whats that noise?

July 25, 2007

We heard a grunting noise last night coming from our garden,So i looked out to find Russel our hedgepig chomping away at a slug,though i was too slow in grabbing my camera i did manage to get this shot of him scootling under the bench..

Another try at getting my hair cut at Speedys today whilst i am up at the shops if all else fails i shall get a trim from the lovely Mrs B. Some sort of chicken meal today though i aint sure what yet?? Chips spring to mind!

Back to the factory in the morning so i am hoping that the soreness in my jaw has gone by then as it is still a bit tender….

Anyroad shopping to get done so i’m off,Have a good one dear reader and take care out there.

Have a clown fish…

July 24, 2007

A Nottingham member of parliament wants to tax chewing gum???? What the fuck is all that about eh? You ban us from smoking now ya wanna tax chewing gum! Get your head out of the sand you numpty!

The jaws of hell….

July 24, 2007

Just back from the dentists,The last of the extractions today thank fuck,my face feels like i took a kick from a horse,But as requested there was no mucking about,in, job done & out in 15 minutes. Back next week for a couple of fillings then that’s it..I love dentist visits…honest!

Hey i saw a nun on the way back from the dentists,a bit odd seeing one around here but i reckon something evil must be going on,Are there any young nuns nowadays or are they all old?

Anyroad i’m off for a lie down and a bit of a kip to see if i can sleep while the pain goes away..

Have a good one folks and take care out there.

Yet another…

July 23, 2007

Hair today,hair tomorrow.

July 23, 2007

Looks like a murder here in Clifton,well the police are Probing so it don’t look good!

Speedys was closed when i got up there so i got wet for nowt…Arse

Off to run the Dyson around the great hall..Take care out there!

And not a drop to drink.

July 23, 2007

No prizes for working out that it’s raining again,after yesterdays sunshine comes yet another downpour,i would have thought that nature would have ran out of rain by now but it looks like more to come,bad news for our low lying villages here in the Hood,Mind you with the i’m alright jack attitude i can say we here at Barnze Towers are ok up on the hill.

I see the Arts Theatre have an online site for donations to keep it running and all the best of luck to them ,it would be a shame to lose an outlet for the performing arts but it seems to be a trend that the smaller theatres go belly up nowadays.Dig deep you Notts folks and lets keep the curtains open eh?

Off up to Speedys today for a hair cut and a catch up on the latest winners he has backed ,With the offer of “Something for the weekend” it makes getting a hair cut an entertaining experience i can tell ya!

A nice bit of steak and potato gratin for dinner tonight (Chips for master B) and a bottle of wine to help it go down,Soup tomorrow as i am visiting the dentist again…Arse!

Anyroad it’s time i got up to Speedys,Have a good one dear reader and take care out there.