United,Resolute & Strong

More terror attacks yesterday though no one hurt apart from one of the bombers getting a good roasting,A lucky find in London as those car bombs are spotted well before they could cause harm eh?

A grim bit of news to watch on the tele and the country is now on Terror Alert Status Critical! This means an attack is expected imminently so be careful out ther folks.

On better things the swelling in my face is on it’s way down at last,the pain is still there but the infection is getting hammered by the antibiotics so i feel a bit better.Bad news is the infection has cost me a few days business and dented my sense of humor a bit,Still come Thursday i shall have to offending tooth in a jar eh!

Anyroad i’m off check the street for snipers n that. Have a good one and stay safe out there.

2 Responses to “United,Resolute & Strong”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    Had a suspect bomb at Terminal 3 last night.

    It’s going to get worse ‘fore it gets better

  2. barnze Says:

    I can see a few weeks of crap then back to the bulldog stiff upper lips eh?

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