Face the fear..Beat the foe!

Back from the lions den minus two teeth and with the face of the Don again but feeling ok,I still can’t suss out what it is about the dentists i don’t like,the tools are ok,needles no probs,i reckon it’s just the concept of it that spooks me,anyroad a brave little soldier i am with another appointment in 3 weeks time for more pulling, filling or whatever,To tell the truth i switched off whilst i was in there and never heard a word the bloke said! That’s the fear beaten!

Now the fear of getting a sewing needle stuck down my fingernail whilst rummaging through a large tin of buttons will never leave me,Been there done that, so some fears are here to stay but can be avoided!

Now to get on with enjoying our hols eh!

I shall update when i can and i reckon i shall have a few good times to share with ya when we get back..

Stay safe you lot!

One Response to “Face the fear..Beat the foe!”

  1. OGO Says:

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday Barnze! Take care!

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