Rinse n spit!

Well well, only one hit yesterday from the major stalkers and two from the cohorts so not bad at all,mind you a hit early this morning so the interest is still there..Bless um!

Off to the dentists in an hour or so to get the offending tooth pulled and i must say i can’t remember the last time i was happy to be getting this done but i shall be glad to see it in a jar…

Final packing of suitcases is going on as we prepare for the hols…a week of doing what we fancy when we fancy it…Been a long time coming.. Soon be time for the September sunshine hols unall so when we get back it’s booking time again,Ain’t life just brill?

Anyroad i’m off for a brew n a fag,Cheers for dropping in,Have a good one those of you with good intent.The rest (You know who you are) of you can kiss my arse you obsessive cunts,have a week off stalking,Mind you i could find an internet cafe n post so ya better keep watching this space!

Stay safe..Even the stalkers in these troubled times need to take care!

One Response to “Rinse n spit!”

  1. Mal the Plod Says:

    Your going to Norfolk! where are you going to find an internet cafe? They have only just finished pointing at cars! Have a good one and have a few pints of Abbot Ale for me

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