The sun set’s on a relaxing week.

Sad to say i missed the bloke falling off his boat and into the river but i caught him climbing out,Laugh ain’t the word as he tried to be casual..How the fuck do you try to be casual dragging yourself out of a river? He just carried on checking his ropes as if nothing happened..Numpty!

We had some top class meals during our trip,Scallops,Salmon,Game pie.Mind you we had a duffer at one place,Both me and Mrs B were let down by the catering at The Fishermans inn,we reckon they used a microwave oven to warm up pre made meal,It explained why the place was deserted eh…

A good brecky at the Ivy Farm dairy restaurant with the option of no black pudding (I don’t do black pud) and with a pint of tea and the best fried bread this side of the greasy lil’s in Colwick industrial park ,Oulton Broad is a top place to moor up for a couple of days i can tell ya,What with the Wherry hotel,A good Indian eaterie and the Ivy Farm place you are never short of a good meal,And a ten min trip takes you to the fishing port of Lowestoft for some excellent sea food and a few games in the amusement arcades.

All in a fantastic week,with some great sunsets right outside of our back door.

Anyroad it’s back to the factory for me tonight so i gotta get my kit ready for the start of 5 night shifts eh,I must say i ain’t missed the place!

Have a good one dear reader and take care.

2 Responses to “The sun set’s on a relaxing week.”

  1. Four Dinners Says:

    Glad you had a good’n. Pity you couldn’t get a snap of the bloke in the river

  2. Janet Says:

    love your shoes! no barefoot shots, eh? worried about attracting perverts, I guess. 😉

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time, wish you’d gotten a pic of the guy falling in the river-that would be great! Have you grown scales yet from all the seafood you ate?

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